War of the Rebellion: Serial 058 Page 0094 KY., SW.VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLIV.

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country around Murfreesborough. They are not in good condition, and are generally too light for artillery. The battery is kept in good order and the horses have a very good stable.

The scarps of the redoubts are giving way badly where galleries were to have been made. Some of the traverses are also falling down; one of them has been almost entirely rebuilt by the garrison.

The block-houses all leak badly, and are therefore little used even for store-houses.

Garrison, One hundred and fifteenth Ohio and Twenty-second and Thirty-first Wisconsin.


The Ninth Ohio Battery is at the fort, and has four 12-pounders (light) and two 3-inch guns. There are two 24-pounders (rifled) on barbette carriages, one 24-pounder (smooth-bore) not mounted, and one 3-inch rebel gun with carriage and caisson, also under charge of Ninth Ohio Battery.

The magazine is reported to be in good condition; the lock was filled within and it could not be unlocked.

Military appearance, discipline, and police only tolerable; men in comfortable huts and tents; guns and harness well cared for; horses in very fair condition and under good shelter.

The work seemed to be in good condition. Garrison, Twenty-seventh Indiana and four detached companies, division and corps headquarters.


The Second Kentucky Battery has two 3-inch guns in the fort at Elk River and two 3-inch guns in a little redoubt at Decherd.

The magazine at Elk River is in good condition (no magazine at Decherd). The horses, most of which are with the section at Decherd, are not in good condition. They have very good stables. Military appearance, drill, discipline, and police fair. Care of guns, harness, and ammunition good. Men in comfortable huts.

The work at Elk River is in good condition; that at Decherd small and falling to pieces. Garrison at Elk River, Second Massachusetts Regiment, seven companies of which were to start home on furlough next day (the 8th instant); at Decherd, the Forty-sixth Pennsylvania Regiment.


Battery F, Fourth Artillery, six Napoleon guns; horses in bad condition for want of rough forage, otherwise the battery is in very good condition. Military appearance, discipline, police, very good. Care of guns, implements, and harness good. Men in comfortable log-huts. Horses under good shelter. Garrison, Colonel Ireland's brigade, Brigadier-General Geary's division.


Battery K, Fifth Artillery, four Napoleon guns in very good condition. Horses in pretty good order. No stables, but will have