War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0709 Chapter XLIV. ORGANIZATION MENTIONED.

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Hubbard's (Lucius F.) Infantry. See Minnesota Troops, 5th Regiment.

Hunter's (Alexander M.) Artillery. See Union Troops (Colored), 2nd Regiment, Battery D.

Hurd's (Orrin D.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 30th Regiment.

Hurst's (Fielding) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 6th Regiment.

Inge's (W. M.) Cavalry. See Mississippi Troops, 12th Regiment.

Innes' (William P.) Engineers. See Michigan Troops, 1st Regiment.

Ives'(Samuel S.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, Confederate, 35th Regiment.

Jackson's (James) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, Confederate, 27th Regiment.

Jefferson Artillery. See Mississippi Troops.

Jeffersons' (John W.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 8th Regiment.

Jeffress' (William C.) Artillery. See Nottoway Artillery, post.

Jenkins' (Jeremiah W.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 31st Regiment.

Jessup's (William) Cavalry. See Ohio Troops, 5th Regiment.

Johnston's (Henry S.) Artillery. See Clark Artillery, ante.

Jolly's (John H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 89th Regiment.

Jones' (Charles C.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 76th Regiment.

Jones' (Dudley W.) Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 9th Regiment.

Jones' (William) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 53rd Regiment.

Kammerling's (Gustave) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 9th Regiment.

Karge's (Joseph) Cavalry. See New Jersey Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Kenner's (P. M.) Cavalry. See Orleans Light Horse Cavalry, post.

Kentucky First Heavy Artillery A. D. See Union Troops (Colored), 8th Regiment.

Kern's (Louis) Artillery. See Indiana Troops, 6th Battery.

Kerr's (Lucien H.) Cavalry. See Illinois Troops, 11th Regiment.

Ketner's (James) Infantry. See Kansas Troops, 1st Regiment.

Key's (Thomas J.) Artillery. See Helena Artillery, ante.

Kilborn's (Lawson S.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 72nd Regiment.

Kilgour's (William M.) Infantry.* See Illinois Troops, 80th Regiment.

Kimble's (Thomas V.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 37th Regiment.

King's (Houston) Artillery. See Clark Artillery, ante.

King's (John F.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 114th Regiment.

Kinney's (Thomas J.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 119th Regiment.

Kirkbride's (Andrew B.) Cavalry. See Illinois Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Kelin's (Robert) Cavalry. See Indiana Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Kanp's (Joseph M.) Artillery. See Pennsylvania Troops, Battery E.

Knispel's (Charles P.) Artillery. See Missouri Troops, Union.

Kolb's (Reuben F.) Artillery. See Barbour Artillery, ante.

Kauhn's (John H.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 9th Regiment.

Lamberg's (Carl A.) Artillery. See Union Troops (Colored), 2nd Regiment, Battery D.

Langen's (Edward) Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 4th Regiment.

Larkin's (Victor C.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 25th Regiment.

Latham's (Ephraim) Cavalry. See Alabama Troops, Union, 1st Regiment (Vedette).

Leaming's (Mack J.) Cavalry. See William F. Bradford's Cavalry, ante.

Lee's (James W.) Cavalry. See Texas Troops, 3rd Regiment.

Lee's (Stephen D.) Escort Cavalry. See T. M. Nelson's Cavalry, post.

Le Fever's (Benjamin F.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 99th Regiment.

Lesslie's (Joseph P.) Cavalry. See Indiana Troops, 4th Regiment.

L'Hommedieu's (Samuel) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 35th Regiment.

Lilly's (Eli) Artillery. See Indiana Troops, 18th Battery.

Locher's (Michael H.) Infantry. See Pennsylvania Troops, 79th Regiment.

Logwood's (Thomas H.) Cavalry. See F. M. Stewart's Cavalry, post.

Lookout Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Louisiana Eighth Infantry, A. D. See Union Troops (Colored), 47 Regiment.

Louisiana Tenth Infantry, A. D. See Union Troops (Colored), 48th Regiment.


*Temporarily commanding.