War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0523 Chapter XLVI. FORREST'S EXPEDITION INTO W. TENN. AND KY.

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[Inclosure Numbers 10.]

Statement of Corpl. William A. Dickey, Company B, Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry:

I do hereby certify that I was at Fort Pillow, Tenn., on the 12th day of April A. D. 1864, when that place was attacked by the rebel General Forrest. I went into the fort at the commencement of the action. We kept up a continual fire upon both sides until about 1 p. m., when a flag of truce was sent in by the rebels, and while it was being considered the firing was ordered to cease. I also certify that while this was going on I plainly saw the enemy consolidating their forces and gaining positions they had been endeavoring to gain without success. At the same time their men were plundering our deserted camp, and stealing goods from the quartermaster's depot, and from the stores of the merchants of the post. They also at the same time put their sharpshooters into our deserted barracks, whence they view and were in fair range of our little garrison. The firing recommenced after the flag of truce had retired. About one hour thereafter the rebels stormed our works. they had no sooner obtained the top of our walls when the negroes ran, and the whites, obtaining no quarter, ran after them. The rebels followed closely, shooting down all who cam in the way, white and black. I also certify that I was myself shot by a rebel soldier after I had surrendered, and while I had my hands up begging for mercy. I also certify that I saw the rebels shoot down 10 men, white soldiers, within 10 paces of me while they had their hands up supplicating quarter. I also certify that I saw 12 negro solders killed long after they had surrendered. I also certify that I saw the rebels throw several negroes into the river while they were begging for life. One rebel came t me and took my percussion caps, saying he had been killing negroes so fast that his own had been exhausted; he added that he was going to shoot some more. I also certify that I saw negroes thrown into the river by rebels, and shot afterward, while struggling for life.

Mound City, April 23,, A. D. 1864.

WM. A. (his x mark) DICKEY.



Second Lieutenant Co. B., Thirteenth Tenn. Vol. Cavalry.

Sworn and subscribed to before me this 25th day of April, 1864, at Mound City, Ill.


Lieutenant and Assistant Provost-Marshall.

[Inclosure Numbers 11.]

Testimony of Elias Falls, Company A, Sixth U. S. Heavy Artillery:

I do hereby certify that I was in the battle of Fort Pillow on the 12th day of April, A. d. 1864, and that I was taken prisoner by the rebels and wounded while I was a prisoner. I was ordered with several others to march up the hill, and we were fired upon while thus marching. I was the second man shot while inthe hands of the rebel officers, and obeying their commands while marching up the hill.