War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0418 KY.,SW.VA.,TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLIV.

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No. 4.-Surg. Samuel G. Menzies, First Kentucky Infantry, Medical Director.

No. 5.-Colonel Thomas E. Champion, Ninety-sixth Illinois Infantry,

commanding Second Brigade.

No. 6.-Colonel William Grose, Thirty-sixth Indiana Infantry, commanding

Third Brigade.

No. 7.-Colonel John E. Bennett, Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry.

No. 8.-Lieutenant Colonel William M. Kilgour, Seventy-fifth Illinois Infantry,

commanding Eightieth Illinois Infantry.

No. 9.-Colonel Louis H. Waters, Eighty-fourth Illinois Infantry.

No. 10.-Lieutenant Colonel Orrin D. Hurd, Thirtieth Indiana Infantry.

No. 11.-Lieutenant Colonel Oliver H. P. Carey, Thirty-sixth Indiana Infantry.

No. 12.-Lieutenant Colonel Armstead T. M. Cockerill, Twenty-fourth Ohio Infantry.

No. 13.-Captain Peter Simonson, Fifth Indiana Battery, Chief of Artillery, First Division, Fourth Army Corps.

No. 14.-Lieutenant William H. Heilman, Fifteenth U. S. Infantry,commanding

Battery H, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

No. 15.-Congratulatory orders from Headquarters Fourteenth Army


No. 16.-Captain Charles R. Case, Acting Signal Officer, commanding

Signal Detachment, Fourteenth Army Corps.

No. 17.-Brigadier General Richard W. Johnson, U. S. Army, commanding First


No. 18.-Brigadier General William P. Carlin, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 19.-Brigadier General Jefferson C. Davis, U. S. Army,commanding Second


No. 20.-Brigadier General James D. Morgan, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade.

No. 21.-Colonel Daniel McCook, Fifty-second Ohio Infantry,commanding Third Brigade.

No. 22.-Lieutenant Henry R. Flook, Acting Signal Officer, Third Division.

No. 23.-Brigadier General John B. Turchin, U. S. Army,commanding First Brigade,

Third Division.

No. 24.-Captain William C. Stineback, Eighty-second Indiana Infantry.

No. 25.-Colonel Willard A. Dickerman, One hundred and third Illinois

Infantry,commanding First Brigade, Detachment Fifteenth

Army Corps.

No. 26.-Colonel Eli Long, Fourth Ohio Cavalry,commanding Second Brigade,

Cavalry Division.

No. 27.-Captain William W. Van Antwerp, Fourth Michigan Cavalry.

No. 28.-General Joseph E. Johnston, C. S. Army,commanding Army of


No. 29.-Major General Alexander P. Stewart, C. S. Army,commanding division,

Hindman's Corps.

No. 30.-Brigadier General Henry D. Clayton, C. S. Army,commanding brigade.

No. 31.-Brigadier General Marcellus L. Stovall, C. S. Army,commanding brigade.

No. 32.-Colonel John H. Higley, Fortieth Alabama Infantry,commanding

Moore's brigade.

No. 33.-Brigadier General Mark P. Lowrey C. S. Army,commanding brigade.

No. 34.-Brigadier General Alfred Cumming, C. S. Army,commanding brigade.

No. 35.-Brigadier General Edmund W. Pettus, C. S. Army,commanding brigade.

No. 36.-Brigadier General Alexander W. Reynolds, C. S. Army,commanding brigade.

No. 37.-Major T. R. Hotchkiss, C. S. Artillery,commanding Artillery


No. 38.-Major James F. Waddell, C. S. Artillery,commanding Artillery


No. 39.-Extract from Itinerary of Major General Joseph Wheeler, C. S. Army,

commanding Cavalry, Army of Tennessee.