War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0333 Chapter XLIV. THE MERIDIAN EXPEDITION.

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Buford's Brigade.

Brigadier General ABRAHAM BUFORD.

27th Alabama, Colonel James Jackson.

35th Alabama, Colonel Samuel S. Ives.

54th Alabama, Colonel Alpheus Baker.

55th Alabama, Colonel John Snodgrass.

9th Arkansas, Colonel Isaac L. Dunlop.

3rd Kentucky, Colonel A. P. Thompson.

7th Kentucky, Colonel Ed. Crossland.

8th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel A. R. Shacklett.

12th Louisiana, Colonel Thomas M. Scott.

Pointe Coupee (Louisiana) Artillery, Captain Alcide Bouanchaud.


Major General SAMUEL G. FRENCH.

Ector's Brigade.

Brigadier General MATTHEW D. ECTOR.

29th North Carolina, Captain W. W. Rollins.

9th Texas, Colonel William H. Young.

10th Texas Cavalry,+ Colonel C. R. Earp.

14th Texas Cavalry,+ Colonel John L. Camp.

32nd Texas Cavalry,+ Captain Nathan Anderson.

Cockrell's Brigade.

Brigadier General FRANCIS M. COCKRELL.

1st and 4th Missouri, Colonel A. C. Riley.

2nd nad 6th Missouri, Colonel P. C. Flournoy.

3rd and 5th Missouri, Colonel James McCown.

1st and 3rd Missouri Cavalry,+ Colonel Elijah Gates.


Major General STEPHEN D. LEE.


Georgia Company, Captain T. M. Nelson.


Brigadier General WILLIAM H. JACKSON.

First Brigade.


1st Mississippi, Colonel R. A. Pinson.

28th Mississippi, Colonel Peter B. Starke.

Ballentine's Mississippi Regiment, Colonel John G. Ballentine.

Escort, Louisiana Company, Captain Junius Y. Webb.

Columbus (Georgia) Light Artillery, Captain Edward Croft.

Second Brigade.


1st Texas Legion, Colonel Edwin R. Hawkins.

3rd Texas, Colonel Hinchie P. Mabry.

6th Texas, Colonel Jack Wharton.

9th Texas, Colonel Dud. W. Jones.

Escort, Texas Company, Lieutenant Rush L. Elkin.

Missouri Battery, Captain Houston King.

Adams' Brigade.

Brigadier General WIRT ADAMS.

11th Arkansas, Colonel John Griffith.

14th Confederate, Captain Josephus R. Quin.

9th Louisiana Battalion, Captain E. A. Scott.

4th [2nd] Mississippi, Major J. L. Harris.

4th Mississippi, Major Thomas R. Stockdale.

Adams' Mississippi Regiment, Colonel Robert C. Wood, jr.

9th Tennessee Battalion, Major James H. Akin.

Mississippi Battery, Captain Calvit Roberts.

Ferguson's Brigade.

Brigadier General SAMUEL W. FERGUSON.

2nd Alabama, Colonel R. G. Earle.

56th Alabama, Colonel William Boyles.

12th Mississippi Battalion, Colonel W. M. Inge.

2nd Tennessee (Barteau's regiment), Lieutenant Colonel George H. Morton.

South Carolina Battery, Captain John Waties.


*Batteries not accounted for on original return; they were probably Hoskins' (Mississippi) and Walsh's (Missouri) batteries.


++No report from General Forrest; the Sixth Alabama Cavalry transferred to North Alabama.