War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0273 Chapter XLVI. THE MERIDIAN EXPEDITION.

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Pennsylvania Cavalry, and two companies of Fourth Missouri for Trenton. Camped 4 miles north of Trenton.

On 28th, marched at 7 a.m.; reported to you at Trenton at 10 a.m.; received orders to proceed with Seventh Indiana Cavalry and Nineteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry to Mount Pinsom and Bolivar to repair bridges over Forked Deer and Hatchie Rivers. Camped at Muthers' farm.

On 29th, marched at 7 a.m.; procured some meal of Captain Moore at Spring Creek, and camped at Banes's farm.

On 30th, marched at 7 a.m. and reached Mount Pinson at 10 a.m., having sent Lieutenant Skinner with a company to take possession of the bridge and crossing, who found guerrillas there and drove them away. Found the river 100 feet wide and 6 feet deep. Was cloudy; threatening rain. Feared to build low bridge. Repaired old one by putting in span and abutment 50 feet and 10 feet above water. Heavy timbers drawn on wagons from woods by men.

On 31st., 2 p.m., marched for the Hathie, leaving Nineteenth Pennsylvania to guard bridge at Mount Pinson. Camped at Dean's farm.

February 1,7 a.m. marched to ferry; arrived at 1 p.m., having sent Captain Moore with company forward. Fired on frequently by guerrillas; took 6 en route. Found only small raft; would carry with safety 3 men and horses with hands; could make trip in six minutes. Proceeded to Bolivar, 1 mile, and procured such material as could to build flat-boat.

February 2, commenced work on boat, Lieutenant Fackenthall, of Nineteenth Pennsylvania, in charge, I having detailed him for the purpose before leaving Mount Pinson. Constructed sides of boat of railroad timber spliced and bottom of doors from the depot in Bolivar; they were double stuff, painted and cross-lapped, seasoned, and did not swell to answer the purpose as expected; they were poplar, but the paint prevented swelling. Boat 40 feet long, 10 wide.

February 3,4 p.m., launched boat with above results.

February 4,3 p.m., drew boat out again for repairs with another bottom. Nineteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry arrived.

February 5,4 p.m., Colonel Waring, with Second Illinois and part of the Fourth Missouri, arrived. Finished boat at 9 a.m. of that day, Captain Frank. Moore's men assisting in work. The interference of some of the Fourth Missouri with the hands at the boat caused a short delay. From the arrival of the Nineteenth Pennsylvania, Second Illinois, and part of the Fourth Missouri, the raft had been continually running, the Seventh Cavalry having crossed before their arrival. Light teams had also crossed on raft, all heavy teams being supply train.

February 6, Second Jersey Cavalry arrived in the morning and crossed, and in the evening the supply trains reached the ferry and also the remainder of the Fourth Missouri. Boat was ready, and all crossed without delay. There was no time lost on account of boat, as all crossed before supply and heavy regimental wagons arrived.

February 7, a party of guerrillas attacked a forage party on Pocahontas road, 2 miles from Bolivar, under command of Lieutenant Kennedy, of Seventh Indiana. He took 9 men, 8 horses, 1 mule,