War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0226 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLIV.

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Itinerary of the Third Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, February 3 - March 4.*

February 3, the Third Division (Twenty-ninth Illinois at Natchez and the Eighty-first Illinois suffering from small-pox, excepted) broke up camp at Vicksburg and Big Black, Miss., in compliance with orders, and marched toward Meridian; bivouacked on hills beyond Big Black; marched 19 miles.

February 4, marched to Bolton Station via Edwards' Depot and Champion Hill; bivouacked on Bear Creek; marched 14 miles.

February 5, marched to Jackson via Clinton, skirmishing heavily with the enemy all day; bivouacked in and near Jackson; marched 23 miles, 11 in line of battle.

February 6, remained in Jackson.

February 7, crossed the Pearl River and marched to Brandon; 14 miles.

February 8, marched toward Morton; 16 miles.

February 9, marched to Morton; 4 miles.

February 10, marched through Hillsborough, 14 miles.

February 11, marched toward Decatur; 18 miles.

February 12, marched to Decatur; 18 miles.

February 13, marched toward Meridian; 12 miles.

February 14, the First Brigade marched to Chunky's Station and returned, after a skirmish, and destroying railroad, rebel stores, and transportation; 22 miles. The Second Brigade (excepting Sixty-eighth Ohio, left with teams) and Third Brigade marched on Meridian road 12 miles.

February 15, marched to Meridian; 7 miles.

February 16, the Second Brigade sent along the railroad to Chunky's, 17 miles; the Third Brigade destroying railroad.

February 17, the Second Brigade marched from Chunky's to transportation corral, 23 miles; Third Brigade destroying railroad.

February 18, the First Brigade marched from corral to Meridian, 17 miles; Third Brigade destroying railroad; Second Brigade in camp at corral.

February 19, destroyed railroad.

February 20, the First and Second Brigades marched from Meridian to corral; 17 miles. The Second Brigade marched with corral to Decatur; 12 miles.

February 21, the First and Third Brigades marched to Decatur; 17 miles. The Second Brigade marched with corral; 18 miles.

February 22, the First and Third Brigade marched with corral to Hillsborough; 12 miles.

February 23, First and Second Brigades marched to Decatur; 13 miles.

February 24, marched toward Canton, on old Jackson road; 16 miles.

February 25, marched to near Pearl River; 6 miles.

February 26, marched to Canton; 17 miles.

February 27 to 29, remained at Canton, destroying railroad and foraging.

March 1, moved toward Vicksburg; 6 miles.


* From monthly returns.