War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0153 Chapter XLIV. SKIRMISHES NEAR JONESVILLE, VA.

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JANUARY 28, 1864.- Affair at Lee's House, on Cornesville Pike, Tenn.

Report of Captain George W. Overmyer, Eighty-first Ohio Infantry.


Sam. Mills', February 2, 1864.

SIR: On the 28th January, 1864. I sent out a forage train for corn and pork, in charge of Corporal Casey, acting wagon-master, with instructions to keep the teams and men close together, permit no straggling, and go to Mr. Dabney's farm, about 4 miles from camp and on the left of the Cornesville pike.

About 2 miles from camp the train was fired upon and captured, with the following loss: James Mills, teamers, shot through the thigh and left on the field; 6 mules and harness taken away and wagon burnt; William Kimble, teamster, shot in left shoulder, taken prisoner; 6 mules and harness taken away, wagon filled with rails and fired, but was put out by citizens; Corporal Casey and 1 horse, saddle, and bridle captured; David Reece and William Reece, guards from Company K, Eighty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Nelson Shappell, James D. Smith, John Reichelderfer, and Jeremiah Parker, guards, Company G, Eighty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry, captured and taken prisoners.

Recapitulation: Captured, 1 teamster (wounded), 6 guards, 1 wagon-master, 12 mules and harness, 1 horse, saddle, and bridle; 1 wagon destroyed; all chains for 2 wagons lost or destroyed; wounded and left, 1 teamers.

The attack was made at a bend in the pike about 200 yards from Mr. Lee's residence by 24 rebels (mounted), armed with 2 pistols and Colt revolving rifle each. They were lying behind a hill in waiting. The attack was made by throwing 6 men in the road in front of the teams and 18 men coming over ridge. All commenced firing about the same time at short pistol-range. They had our men surrounded and captured almost infantry. They took the men out east about 20 miles, and that evening gave them paroles, signed by Captain Harris, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, by order of General Forrest.

Men got back to camp on the morning of the 29th, having had all their arms and accouterments taken from them (Corporal Casey was robbed of his watch), but say they were kindly treated.

The men have been assigned to duty, but an application for arms has been returned. None to furnish at present.

respectfully submitted.


Captain, Commanding at Sam. Mills'.

Captain H. L. EVERETT,

Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

JANUARY 28-29, 1864.- Skirmishes near Jonesville, Va.

Reports of Colonel S. Palace Love, Eleventh Kentucky Infantry, commanding brigade.


January 28, 1864 - 7 p. m.

GENERAL: I sent a scout to-day, about 10 o'clock, in the direction of Jonesville, consisting of about 50 men of the Eleventh Tennessee