War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0048 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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Numbers 4. Itinerary of the Army of the Ohio, January 1-April 30.*


January 1, the headquarters of the corps and troops were stationed at Blain's Cross-Roads, a distance of about 18 miles northeast of Knoxville.

January 16, the corps broke camp and marched to Strawberry Plains, a station on the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, a distance of about 8 miles in the direction of Knoxville.

January 18, Brigadier General R. B. Potter, commanding corps, goes home on leave of absence for thirty days. Brigadier General O. B. Willcox assigned to command of corps. The Second Division is temporarily attached to First Division.

January 21, engaged the enemy at Strawberry Plains and held him in check until next morning.

January 22, proceeded toward Knoxville, skirmishing with the enemy during the day; formed line of battle 3 miles from Knoxville and remained there until the morning of the 24th, the enemy in the mean time having fallen back toward Strawberry Plains.

January 24, the corps marched to Erin's Station, a distance of 5 1/2 miles southwest from Knoxville.

January 26, Brigadier General O. B. Willcox ordered to command Second Division, which has been relieved from duty with the First Division. Major General J. G. Parke assumes command of corps.

January 31, the headquarters of the corps are at Knoxville; the troops at Erin's Station.

The Twenty-first and Twenty-ninth Massachusetts Volunteers; Forty-fifth, Forty-eighth, Fiftieth, Fifty-first, and One hundredth Pennsylvania Volunteers; Second and Eighth Michigan Volunteers; Forty-sixth and Fifty-first New York Volunteers, and Second Maryland Volunteers have re-enlisted, and all marked thus (X##) have gone home for furlough and reorganization.

February 1, broke camp at Erin's Station, Tenn., marched to Knoxville, Tenn., crossed Holston River, and encamped opposite Knoxville.

February 2, recrossed the Holston River at Knoxville and returned to camp at Erin's Station.

February 15, First Division marched to Knoxville and encamped near Fort Sanders; Second Division moved to a point on Clinton road near Knoxville.

February 18, First Division changed camp to a point on Clinton road; Second Division moved 1 1/2 miles, joining right with left of First Division.


*From monthly returns. The department was commanded by Major General John G. Foster from December 9, 1863, to February 9, 1864, and Major General John M. Schofield to November 17, 1864. #Commanded by Major General John G. Parke from January 26, 1864, to march 16, 1864; Brigadier General Orlando B. Willcox to April 13, 1864, and Major General Ambrose E. Burnside to August 15, 1864.

##Regiments so marked are the Twenty-first Massachusetts, Forty-fifth, Forty-eighth, Fiftieth, Fifty-first, and One hundredth Pennsylvania, Eighth Michigan, and Fifty-first New York.