War of the Rebellion: Serial 057 Page 0011 Chapter XLIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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with the Twenty-eighth Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Colonel W. P. Boone commanding, was posted at Leet's Tan-yard, with instructions to patrol the country in the direction of La Fayette, and to picket strongly all the roads leading from Leet's in the direction of La Fayette, Resaca, and Dalton. In accordance with these instructions, Johnson, withdrew on the night of the 26th to Catoosa Platform, Davis, Baird, and Harrison to Ringgold, and on the 27th they all took up the positions indicated above. Cruft and Long's cavalry also fell back to Catoosa Platform on the night of the 26th, and there took up the positions assigned them.

I have the honor to forward herewith a consolidated report of casualties; also the report* of Colonel Eli Long, commanding Second Brigade, Second Division of Cavalry, and a statement of a refugee from Dalton, showing how matters stood at that place during the late reconnaissance; the monthly returns, for January and February, of Colonel J. G. Parkhurst, Ninth Michigan Veteran Volunteer Infantry, provost-marshal-general, and that of Lieutenant Colonel A. P. Porter, chief commissary of subsistence, giving the average daily issue of rations to destitute citizens during the above-named months.

The following regiments, &c., have reorganized as veteran volunteers since the 31st of December, 1863, viz:

Infantry: Second Minnesota, Fifty-eighth New York, Sixty-eighth New York, Forty-fifth New York, Tenth Illinois, Fifty-ninth Illinois, Thirty-sixth Illinois, Fifty-first Illinois, Forty-fourth Illinois, Forty-second Illinois, Eighty-second Ohio, Fifty-fifth Ohio, Twenty-first Ohio, Seventeenth Ohio, Seventy-fourth Ohio, Twenty-sixth Ohio, Forty-first Ohio, Nineteenth Ohio, Thirty-first Ohio, Thirty-third Ohio, Fifty-first Ohio, Sixty-fourth Ohio, Fifteenth Ohio, Forty-ninth Ohio, Thirteenth Ohio, Seventy-first Ohio, Sixty-fifth Ohio, Fortieth Ohio, Fifth Connecticut, Thirtieth Indiana, Forty-fourth Indiana, Thirty-first Indiana, Forty-second Indiana, Twenty-second Indiana, Thirty-third Indiana, Fifty-seventh Indiana, Fifty-first Indiana, Fifty-eighth Indiana, Fortieth Indiana, Seventy-third Pennsylvania, One hundred and ninth Pennsylvania, Forty-sixth Pennsylvania, Seventy-seventh Pennsylvania, Twenty-first Kentucky, Fourth Kentucky, Eighteenth Kentucky, Twenty-third Kentucky, Third Maryland, Thirteenth Wisconsin, Thirteenth Michigan, Fifteenth Missouri, Eighth Kansas.

Mounted infantry: Seventeenth Indiana, Fourteenth Michigan.

Cavalry: Fourth Kentucky, Sixth Kentucky, Third Kentucky. Seventh Pennsylvania, Fifth Iowa, First Ohio, Fourth Ohio, Third Ohio.

Artillery: Fifth Wisconsin Battery; Second Illinois, H Battery; Second Illinois, I Battery; First Ohio, C Battery; First Ohio, F Battery; First Ohio, B Battery; First Ohio, G Battery; Twelfth Ohio Independent Battery; Thirteenth New York Independent Battery; First Michigan, E Battery; Thirteenth Indiana Battery.

Detachments: Second Massachusetts, 5 companies; Thirty-seventh Indiana, Company I; Thirty-seventh Indiana, 47 men; Tenth Indiana, 56 men; Twenty-seventh Indiana, 6 companies; Fifteenth Indiana, 67 men; Fifth Ohio, 7 companies; Seventh Ohio, Company F; Twenty-fourth Ohio, Company D; Eighteenth Ohio, 62 men; Sixty-ninth Ohio, 41 men; Twenty-seventh Illinois, Company I; Twenty-seventh Illinois, 90 men; Twenty-second Illinois, 34 men; Twenty-first


*See p. 472.