War of the Rebellion: Serial 056 Page 0804 KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLIII.

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Brown's Brigade.

3rd Tennessee, Colonel Calvin H. Walker.

18th and 26th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel William R. Butler.

32nd Tennessee, Maj. John P. McGuire.

45th Regiment and 23rd Tennessee Battalion, Colonel Anderson Searcy.

Pettus' Brigade.

20th Alabama, Captain John W. Davis.

23rd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel J. G. Bibb.

30th Alabama, Colonel Charles M. Shelley.

31st Alabama, Colonel D. R. Hundley.

46th Alabama, Captain George E. Brewer.

Cummings' Brigade.

34th Georgia, Maj. John M. Jackson.

36th Georgia, Captain J. L. Morgan.

39th Georgia, Captain T. H. Pitner.

56th Georgia, Captain J. F. Albert.

Reynolds' Brigade.

58th North Carolina, Captain Samuel M. Silver.

60th North Carolina, Major James T. Weaver.

54th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel John J. Wade.

63rd Virginia, Captain Connally H. Lynch.



Lowrey's Brigade.

16th Alabama, Maj. Frederick A. Ashford.

33rd Alabama, Colonel Samuel Adams.

45th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel H. D. Lampley.

32nd Mississippi

Colonel A. B.

45th Mississippi


Sharpshooters, Captain Daniel Coleman.

Polk's Brigade.

1st Arkansas, Colonel John W. Colquitt.

3rd Confederate

Maj. Richard

5th Confederate

J. Person.

2nd Tennessee (Provisional Army), Lieutenant

Colonel William J. Hale.

35th Tennessee

Colonel Benjamin

48th Tennessee

J. Hill.

Liddell's Brigade.

2nd Arkansas

15th Arkansas

Lieutenant Colonel E. Warfield.

24th Arkansas

5th Arkansas

Colonel John

13th Arkansas

E. Murray.

6th Arkansas

Lieutenant Colonel Peter

7th Arkansas


8th Arkansas

Lieutenant Colonel A. S.

19th Arkansas


Smith's Brigade.

6th Texas Infantry

10th Texas Infantry

Maj. V. P. Sanders.

15th Texas Cavalry++

7th Texas, Captain J. H. Collett.

17th Texas Cavalry ++

18th Texas Cavalry ++

24th Texas Cavalry ++

Maj. W. A. Taylor

25th Texas Cavalry ++


Maj. General WILLIAM H. T. WALKER.

Gist's Brigade.

8th Georgia Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Z. L. Watters.

46th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel William A. Daniel.

16th South Carolina, Colonel James McCullough.

24th South Carolina, Colonel Clement H. Stevens.

Maney's Brigade.

4th Tennessee (Prov. Army), Lieutenant Colonel Robert N. Lewis.

1st Tennessee

Colonel Hume

27th Tennessee

R. Feild.

6th Tennessee

Colonel George

9th Tennessee

C. Porter.

41st Tennessee, Colonel Robert Farquharson.

50th Tennessee, Colonel Cyrus A. Sugg.

Maney's (Tennessee) Battalion Sharpshooters, Maj. Frank Maney.


* Four brigadier-generals reported present for duty.

+ Two brigadier-generals reported present for duty.


# One brigadier-General reported present for duty.