War of the Rebellion: Serial 056 Page 0801 Chapter XLIII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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I only had one of the laced sleeves to split and make a bosom, I would almost have a white garment.

I had a latter from Thornton this morning. He says Breckinridge took one brigade to the extreme left of the ridge to resist a corps attempting to get upon the southwest end; and when they arrived they attempted to deploy, and were astonished to find one brigade of the enemy on the ridge in their front,and another on their left and rear that had already crossed the ridge. After a short engagement they were ordered to retreat, and did so in disorder. As they passed back along the ridge they came under the close fire of the enemy's line of battle, formed parallel to and behind the ridge. On reaching within one-quarter of a mile of Bragg's headquarters, they found the entire ridge lost and the enemy formed upon it. They them turned east down the ridge and made for Chickamauga, losing a large position of Clayton's brigade. He says there was no manifestation of gratification at Bragg's relief, and that almost every one expects you to take the command and consider H. a locum tenens. Now, my friend, I never did believe Mr. D. would give you your place as long as he can help it, but he can't. The army wants you - I mean that army. I know it. I have even heard Bragg's friends say that your presence would be worth 10,000 men to the army, and Hardee's best friends do not pretend to think him more than a good corps commander.

The people won't stand this nonsense much longer. Mr. D.'s game now is to pretend that he don't think you a general. He don't tell the truth, and if he did, as all the military men in the country differ with him, he will be forced to yield. I am as sure of it as I am of many future thing. I begin to like his brother, though he has a look of Jeff. and he loves Jeff. Carlyle says of Robespierre: "His brother died for him." "His poor landlord wept for him." Everybody must love something. Even the highwayman who was shot by

Don Juan- " Give this to Sal,' he cried, and died."

My kindest regards to Mrs. Johnston. The company has improved, as Jack Monroe improved a pithy letter of our old friend, Jim Irwin, by leaving out all between "My dear sir" and "Very respectfully."





No. 181.

Oxford, December 9, 1863.

I. Lieutenant-Colonel Duff, commanding Nineteenth Mississippi Battalion Cavalry, will report with his battalion to Colonel R.

McCulloch for duty with his brigade.

II. Lieutenant-Colonel Chalmers, commanding Eighteenth Battalion Mississippi Cavalry,is relieved from duty with McCulloch's brigade, and will report with his battalion directly to the

brigadier-general commanding

* * * * *

By order of Brigadier-General Chalmers:


Assistant Adjutant-General.