War of the Rebellion: Serial 056 Page 0210 KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA. Chapter XLIII.

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in better health than I ever knew before. How is our little children? Tell them howdy and kiss them for me. You must name the last. When I wrote to you I proposed the name of Sallie Ann, but use your own discretion. Have you paid Mrs. P. that money due her, also a little note that Maxwell has on me? Dock is well, and says he intends to stay in the army as long as I do. I presume you heard of the death of Jesse Sikes-died with typhoid fever near Decatur, Ala., some two months ago. I will inclose a paper in another envelope and send with this. Write when you can. My respects to your father and mother and family. Tell Lew, if the army gets back there, to pass himself for under age, for if he joins he will regret it in less than two months.

Your affectionate husband,



You must keep me a pair of boots on hand all the time. If you send out one pair, buy another. Also pair shoes. Send me a pair of suspenders on my pants, overshirts, drawers, socks, &c. Get me a light-colored hat; the one I have is wearing out. My advice to your pa is to put wheat and shelled corn enough in his house to make him bread, for if the armies pass through there they will take it all.

[Inclosure No. 2.]

GILES COUNTY, Tennessee, November 19, 1863.

Colonel A. McKINSTRY,

Provost-Marshall-General, Army of Tennessee, Chattanooga:

DEAR SIR: I send you seven Nashville, three Louisville, and one Cincinnati papers, with dates to the 17th, in all eleven. I also send for General Bragg three wash balls of soap, three more tooth-brushes, and two blank-books. I could not get a large-sized diary for him. I will send a pair of shoes and slippers, some more soap, gloves, and socks, soon. The Yankees are still camped on the line of the Tennessee and Atlanta Railroad. General Dodge's headquarters are at Pulaski. His main force is camped from that place to Lynnville. Some at Elk River and two regiments at Athens. Dodge has issued an order to the people in those counties on the road to report all the stock, grain, and forage to him, and says he will pay or give vouchers for it. Any refusal to report he will take it without pay. They are now taking all they can find. Dodge says he knows the people are all Southern, and does not ask them to swear to a lie. All the spare forces around Nashville and vicinity are being sent to McMinnville. Six batteries and twelve Parrott guns were sent forward on the 14th, 15th, and 16th. It is understood there is hot work in front somewhere. Telegrams suppressed. Davis has returned. Greig is gone below. Everything is beginning to work better. I sent Roberts with things for you and General B., with dispatch. I do not think the Feds. mean to stay here. They are not now repairing the main points on the road. I understand part of Sherman's force has reached Shelbyville. I think a part of some other than Dodge's division came by Lynnville from the direction of Fayetteville. I sent Billy Moore over in that country, and am sorry to say he was captured. One of my men has just returned from there. The general impression with the citizens