War of the Rebellion: Serial 056 Page 0164 KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLIII.

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He reports ten guns on the point of the mountain-he counted them. He furthermore states that he has seen four guns and about 300 infantry move to Nickajack trail on Friday morning. He asserts that these guns are still at the head of the trail. The deserters all agree that one brigade is encamped 1 mile south of the batteries on the point, Walthall's brigade about a mile to the southeast of it, and another brigade 7 miles to the south of Summertown, guarding Powell's Gap and Johnson's Crook. One deserter passed this morning three pieces of artillery going from the top of the mountain into the fortifications near the white house. He himself has been to work on fortifications thrown up half way down the slope of Lookout Mountain. It is rumored that Cheatham has resigned; that Hardee is in command of Polk's troops; that Breckinridge's old troops, to which Adam's and Cumming's brigade have belonged, are encamped near the top and on the east slope of the mountain. Four siege pieces are reported having been brought from Mobile. At the same time it is reported that they are moving some artillery to Atlanta.



Major-General, Commanding.

Statement of Elisha Breedlove, scout.

I have been on top of Lookout Mountain. Went in company with H. R. Barris. Went up on Thursday night at a place about 1 mile this side of Nickajack Gap. Left the mountain last night. Saw but one line of breast-works running across the mountain about 1 1/4 miles from the point. Have not been out to the point. Heard that one of the guns they had there was a 30-pounder. Citizens told me they burst that one last Tuesday. Cheatham's entire division is on the mountain. Jackson's brigade was at the foot of the mountain ready to ascend yesterday morning. Cheatham's division is about 10,000 strong. They are constantly on the watch for your men to make an attack on the mountain. They are expecting you every minute. They heard you were coming up Johnson's Crook and sent a force down there to ascertain the truth. Each gap is guarded now. There are about 100 men (cavalry) at Nickajack Gap and about the same at Powell's Gap. They have felled trees and blockaded the Nickajack road. About 1,000 infantry went down yesterday to Wauhatchie trace. They had ten pieces of artillery. Think there are not over 100 men guarding Johnson's Crook. Could not hear of any soldiers at or near Trenton. Could not see any fires there. Could see a large number of fires at Aetna, 8 miles northwest of Trenton, indicating that there was a large force there of your men.



Respectfully forwarded for the information of the general commanding department.


Captain, in Charge of Scouts.