War of the Rebellion: Serial 056 Page 0086 KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA. Chapter XLIII.

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HDQRS. THIRD BRIG., SECOND DIV., 14TH ARMY CORPS, North Chickamauga, November 8, 1863-1 p.m.

Major-General REYNOLDS,

Chief of Staff:

To-night, if my wagons get back from Chattanooga, I will have three days' rations. If they do not I will have one day's. I sent Captain McNeill, Eighty-fifth Illinois, over the river last night. He went about a mile and a half from the river; did not see any force at all, and only one or two small lights, which did not indicate any force. In obedience to your order, I sent two citizens over the river, 3 miles above, but they have not come back yet. As soon as I hear from them, I will send you all the information you desire or they can get. I do not see any particular evidence of a large force opposite me. Yesterday and to-day their cavalry seem to show themselves more frequently and boldly. At retreat last night we heard their band as usual. My railroad men say that there were two trains upon a switch and two upon the main track yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock. The last whistle we heard was about 8 p.m. The cars then stopped running until this morning, when we have heard them twice. Their usual 11 o'clock train did not come in last night. The fires we saw yesterday showed some light during the night, and this morning a smoldering smoke, which clearly indicates that something of considerable magnitude was burned.

I will send McNeill over again to-night. He will succeed, I think, in reaching the railroad. What portion of the eastern side and north end of Mission Ridge can be seen from here is denuded of fire and tents, but we have never been able to see many. If you permit it I can capture the reserves, I think, opposite me to-night, and from the prisoners extract some information. All the pickets opposite me are cavalry.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Brigade.

Statement of Thomas Kearney, Company K, Thirty-second Alabama Regiment, Adams' brigade, Breckinridge's division, Hill's corps.

I came voluntarily into the lines on Saturday evening about 7 o'clock. Came around under Lookout Point. Left the picket-post. My brigade was encamped at the foot of Lookout Mountain near the Summertown road, one-half mile from the foot. Came there about one week ago. Only one regiment [the Thirty-second Alabama[was on duty. This was posted along the west side of the mountain for a distance of 250 yards. Saw four pieces of artillery drawn by 16 horses pass up the Summertown road to the top of the mountain. I think they were 24-pounders. This was four or five days ago. Have heard that no more pieces were there. I think two of the guns were to be taken to left of the line. I know the caliber of cannon when I see them. One brigade of the Vicksburg troops is around the mountain; the other one I think is stationed on the top. Between our brigade and the mountain there are no troops; there is some artillery.