War of the Rebellion: Serial 055 Page 0661 Chapter XLIII. THE CHATTANOOGA-RINGGOLD CAMPAIGN.

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Artillery Battalion.


Arkansas Battery (Calvert's), Lieutenant Thomas J. Key.

Texas Battery, Captain James P. Douglas.

Alabama Battery (Semple's), Lieutenant Richard W. Goldthwaite.

Mississippi Battery (Swett's), Lieutenant H. Shannon.


Adams' Brigade.

13th and 20th Louisiana, Colonel Leon von Zinken.

16th and 25th Louisiana, Colonel Daniel Gober.

19th Louisiana, Colonel W. P. Winans.

4th Louisiana Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel John McEnery.

14th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters, Major J. E. Austin.

Strahl's Brigade.

4th and 5th Tennessee, Colonel Jonathan J. Lamb.

19th Tennessee, Colonel Francis M. Walker.

24th Tennessee, Colonel John A. Wilson.

31st Tennessee, Colonel Egbert E. Tansil.

33rd Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel Henry C. McNeill.

Clayton's Brigade.

18th Alabama, Major Shep. Ruffin.

32nd Alabama, Captain John W. Bell.

36th Alabama, Colonel Lewis T. Woodruff.

38th Alabama, Colonel Charles T. Ketchum.

58th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel John W. Inzer.

Stovall's Brigade.

40th Georgia, [Colonel Abda Johnson.]

41st Georgia, [Colonel William E. Curtiss.]

42nd Georgia, [Colonel R. J. Henderson.]

43rd Georgia, [Colonel Hiram P. Bell.]

52nd Georgia, [Major John J. Moore.]

Artillery Battalion.


Georgia Battery (Dawson's), Lieutenant R. W. Anderson.

Arkansas Battery (Humphreys'), Lieutenant John W. Rivers.

Alabama Battery, Captain McDonald Oliver.

Mississippi Battery, Captain Thomas J. Stanford.


Lewis' Brigade.

2nd Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel James W. Moss.

4th Kentucky, Major Thomas W. Thompson.

5th Kentucky, Colonel H. Hawkins.

6th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Clarke.

9th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel John C. Wickliffe.

John H. Morgan's dismounted men.

Bate's Brigade.+

37th Georgia, Colonel A. F. Rudler.

4th Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Lieutenant Joel Towers.

10th Tennessee,++ Colonel William Grace.

15th and 37th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel R. Dudley Frayser.

20th Tennessee, Major W. M. Shy.

30th Tennessee,++ Lieutenant Colonel James J. Turner.

1st Tennessee Battalion,++ Major Stephen H. Colms.

Florida Brigade.#

1st and 3rd Florida, Captain W. T. Saxon.

4th Florida, Lieutenant Colonel E. Badger.

6th Florida, Colonel Jesse J. Finley.

7th Florida, Lieutenant Colonel Tillman Ingram.

1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted), Colonel G. Troup Maxwell.


*See organization of this division October 31, 1863, Part III, p.


+Transferred from Stewart's division November 12, 1863.

++Transferred from Gregg's brigade November 12, 1863.

#Organized November 12, 1863.