War of the Rebellion: Serial 055 Page 0369 Chapter XLIII. THE CHATTANOOGA-RINGGOLD CAMPAIGN.

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under command of Lieutenant Samuel D. Miller, voluntarily joined in charging up the ridge. Under the constant and well-directed volleys of the Twenty-seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers, the enemy could not make longer use of his artillery. We were soon re-enforced by the Tenth Ohio,* Eighty-third Illinois,* and several other regiments; still we could not drive the enemy from his position. The regiment held its position for over two hours. The 60 rounds of every man were already exhausted,and they had to supply themselves from the cartridge-boxes of the killed and wounded, when we found the enemy in force breaking in upon our right flank, which was left uncovered, and, our ammunition being exhausted, we were compelled to retire, which was accomplished, and we fell back to our old position occupied by us the night previous. Every officer and soldier throughout the engagement did his duty, and did it well. Our loss in the action was 2 severely and 4 slightly wounded officers, 11 men killed, 26 severely wounded, 28 slightly wounded, and 13 men missing.

November 26, the regiment was ordered to march at 4 a.m. toward Chickamauga, and passed Chickamauga Station at 4 p.m. The rebels hastily retreated and set their commissary stores on fire. Skirmishing was going on in our front with the rebel rear guard. Arrived in camp at 7 p.m. Distance marched, 16 miles.

November 27, started on the march at 9 a.m. Turned to the left and marched to Parker's Gap. Received rations there, and marched to the other side of the gap, and encamped for the night; 15 miles.

November 28, changed the camp in the morning to a hill near by, and remained there for the night.

November 29, the regiment marched at 7 a.m. to Cleveland,and arrived in camp at 7 p.m.; 18 miles

November 30, we marched to Charleston, near the Hiwassee River: arrived there at 3 p.m.; 10 miles.

December 1, the regiment started on the march at 4 a.m., crossed the river, and drew rations, marched then to Riceville Station, from there to Athens. Arrived in camp at 5 p.m,.; 17 miles.

December 2, started on the march at 5 a.m., marched to Philadelphia; arrived in camp at 8 p.m.; 20 miles.

December 3, we started at 5 a.m., marched to Loudon, 5 miles;

the other part of the day rested.

December 4, still in camp near Loudon.

December 5, we started on the march at 1 a.m. and crossed the Tennessee River (6 miles) above Loudon, marched to Louisville, via Morganton; arrived in camp at 7 p.m.

December 6, remained in camp, which was changed in the morning to the other side of the town.

December 7, started on the march back at 8 a.m,. and camped at 5 p.m., near the crossing of the Tennessee River; 15 miles.

December 8, started at 7 a.m.,and marched to Sweet Water; 15 miles.

December 9, we marched at 7.30 a.m., to Athens; 12 miles.

December 10, changed the camp to the other side of the town, and remained there for the rest of the day.

December 11, still in camp near Athens.

December 12, the regiment started at 7 a.m, and marched to Charleston, where it arrived at 4 p.m., 18 miles.


*See foot-note(#) on p. 360.