War of the Rebellion: Serial 055 Page 0280 KY.,SW.VA.,Tennessee,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLIII.

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This loss occurred almost entirely in the battalion composed of the Forty-first and Ninety-third Ohio Volunteers, under command of Colonel Wiley, of the former regiment. We captured 146 men and officers of the enemy, taking their regimental colors and about two hundred stand of small-arms, besides killing several of the enemy. The good conduct of the troops cannot be too highly commended.

I am, very respectfully,



Captain BESTOW,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

HEADQUARTERS SECOND BRIG., THIRD DIV., 4TH CORPS, In Camp near Knoxville, Tennessee, December 10, 1863.

SIR: In obedience to orders, I have the honor to report as follows of the operations of my brigade, commencing with moving from camp at Chattanooga, November 23, resulting in the rout of the enemy on Missionary Ridge, and ending with our arrival at this point December 7:

At 12 m., November 23, I received orders to form my brigade near Fort Wood and hold it in readiness to move in the direction of Mission Ridge (southeasterly), with the remainder of the division, on a reconnaissance.

The position assigned me was on the right of the front line. The brigade was formed in five battalions as follows: First Battalion, Colonel Aquila Wiley, Forty-first Ohio Volunteer Infantry, commanding, was composed of the Forty-first Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel R. L. Kimberly, and Ninety-third Ohio, Maj. William Birch. Second Battalion, Colonel W. W. Berry, Fifth Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, commanding, of the Fifth Kentucky Volunteers, Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Threanor, and Sixth Kentucky Volunteers, Maj. R. T. Whitaker. Third Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel B. Langdon, First Ohio Volunteer Infantry, commanding, of the First Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Maj. J. A. Stafford, and Twenty-third Kentucky Volunteers, Lieutenant Colonel James C. Foy. Fourth Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel James Pickands, One hundred and twenty-fourth Ohio Volunteers, commanding, of the One hundred and twenty-fourth Ohio, Maj. J. B. Hampson, and Sixth Indiana Volunteer Infantry, Maj. C. D. Campbell. Fifth Battalion, Sixth Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel A. C. Christopher commanding; in all 2,265 effective officers and men.

The First and Third Battalions were deployed in the front line and the Fourth and Fifth were formed in double column in the second line. The Second Battalion was on picket and in position to be used as skirmishers. The entire battalion was deployed as such, and at the sound of the bugle at 2 p.m. the entire brigade moved forward in exact order, and in two minutes the skirmish line was sharply engaged with that of the enemy, which gave ground after firing their pieces, and no considerable opposition was left after, until we reached their first line of rifle-pits, about one-half mile to the rear of their picket line, where the pickets and their reserves endeavored to check our advance, but pushing the First Battalion, that being immediately in front of their principal force, the work,