War of the Rebellion: Serial 055 Page 0019 Chapter XLIII. THE CHATTANOOGA-RINGGOLD CAMPAIGN.

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Major General JOHN M. PALMER.


1st Ohio Cavalry, Company L, Captain John D. Barker.


Brigadier General RICHARD W. JOHNSON.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General WILLIAM P. CARLIN.

104th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Hapeman.

38th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel F. Griffin.

42nd Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel William T. B. McIntire.

88th Indiana, Colonel Cyrus E. Briant.

2nd Ohio, Colonel Anson G. McCook.

33rd Ohio, Captain James H. M. Montgomery.

94th Ohio, Rue P. Hutchins.

10th Wisconsin, Captain Jacob W. Roby.

Second Brigade.



19th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander W. Raffen.

11th Michigan, Captain Patrick H. Keegan.

69th Ohio, Major James J. Hanna.

15th United States, 1st Battalion, Captain Henry Keteltas.

15th United States, 2nd Battalion, Captain William S. McManus.

16th United States, 1st Battalion, Major Robert E. A. Crofton.

18th United States, 1st Battalion, Captain George W. Smith.

18th United States, 2nd Battalion, Captain Henry Haymond.

19th United States, 1st Battalion, Captain Henry S. Welton.

Third Brigade.*

Brigadier General JOHN. C. STARKWEATHER.

24th Illinois, Colonel Geza Mihalotzy.

37th Indiana, Colonel James S. Hull.

21st Ohio, Captain Charles H. Vantine.

74th Ohio, Major Joseph Fisher.

78th Pennsylvania, Major Augustus B. Bonnaffon.

79th Pennsylvania, Major Michael H. Locher.

1st Wisconsin, Lieutenant Colonel George B. Bingham.

21st Wisconsin, Captain Charles H. Walker.


1st Illinois Light, Battery C, Captain Mark H. Prescott.

1st Michigan Light, Battery A, Captain Francis E. Hale.

5th United States, Battery H,# Captain Francis L. Guenther.

Brigadier General JEFFERSON C. DAVIS.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General JAMES D. MORGAN.

10th Illinois, Colonel John Tillson.

16th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel James B. Cahill.

60th Illinois, Colonel William B. Anderson.

21st Kentucky, Colonel Samuel W. Price.

10th Michigan, Lieutenant Colonel Christopher J. Dickerson.

14th Michigan,## Henry R. Mizner.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN BEATTY.

34th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Oscar Van Tasell.

78th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Carter Van Vleck.

3rd Ohio,@ Captain Leroy S. Bell.

98th Ohio, Major James M. Shane.

108th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Piepho.

113th Ohio, Major Lyne S. Sullivant.

121st Ohio, Major John Yager.


*During the engagements of the 23d, 24th, and 25th was in line of battle holding fort and breastworks at Chattanooga.

#Temporarily attached to Second Division, Fourth Army Corps.

##Detached at Columbia, Tennessee

@Detached at Kelley's Ferry, Tennessee River.