War of the Rebellion: Serial 053 Page 0679 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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Can't you have it arranged for this gap to be filled by Clanton's brigade, which I understand is in the vicinity of Walker County, Ala? otherwise the enemy can reach the rich Mississippi country by passing through Alabama and to my right.

I ask the assistance of the general in urging on the Governor the reorganization of Lowry's State regiment, now near West Point, most of which has been totally inefficient and worthless. I inclose a copy of my order relative to the State troops, for if they are not to be transferred they must at least be made efficient. Have written the Governor on the subject.

The naval brigade, consisting of several regiments of infantry and about 400 cavalry, have been operating from Napoleon as far south as Vicksburg, and have captured a number of scouts and persons passing into Arkansas. They state they captured a quartermaster of General Price's with $ 1,500,000. The scouts near Greenville report between the 6th and the 18th twenty-six transports up, eleven loaded with troops; fifteen transports down, three loaded with troops. Colonel Logan took a position 20 miles above Natchez on the 19th, and seriously damaged a transport (Julia).

About a week captured at church at Rodney. On the 13th a scouting party of Jackson's division attacked and defeated two parties of the enemy across Big Black, killing and wounding 18 or 20, capturing 3 with their outfit. I found Colonel Logan's command in good fighting condition, the men having every confidence in Colonel Logan. The command is poorly armed. The arms recently received (3,700) will equip my command well.

Yours, respectfully,

S. D. LEE,



In the Field, September 21, 1863.

I. Lieutenant-General Polk, with the Right Wing, will move at 2 p.m. to-day, opposite Chickamauga Station, and resting his right at that point will form his line extending up the west side of the river.

II. Lieutenant-General Longstreet, with the Left Wing, will move so soon as the Right Wing clears the road,a nd connecting his right with General Polk's left, take position up the stream.

III. General headquarters will be established at the Red House Ford, on the Chickamauga.

IV. The main body of both corps of the cavalry will press close up to the enemy and gather up all his stragglers.

V. Each corps of cavalry will detach two regiments to our rear and gather up the stragglers from this army and all arms left upon the field.

VI. All prisoners will immediately be sent to Atlanta; the wounded will be sent as rapidly as possible to hospitals in the rear.

VII. All corps wagons will be brought to the Chickamauga and placed in rear of their respective commands. The general supply train will be sent to Red House Ford.

By command of General Bragg:


Assistant Adjutant-General.