War of the Rebellion: Serial 053 Page 0560 Chapter XIII. KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA.

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lished in East Tennessee for the seven East Tennessee regiments from Vicksburg, but he has now ordered them to Atlanta, Ga., which will have a bad influence, as they are not yet exchanged and their homes are threatened. I fear one-half of them will not leave East Tennessee.

We are now threatened by the enemy from Kentucky, but their advance has not yet reached the Tennessee line. General Bragg has withdrawn his forces south of the Tennessee River; no effort of the enemy yet to cross. General Buckner has moved all his forces from Knoxville and vicinity south of the Tennessee River also, and his headquarters now is at Loudon, 30 miles south of Knoxville. All Government stores are being removed from Knoxville. The railroad companies are moving their effects also. A perfect panic exists now in this department. A great many beef-cattle, hogs, and other supplies have been abandoned, and will fall into the hands of the enemy, which could have been saved. I think moves have been made here lately that have done much damage to our cause. Our people are desponding very much. East Tennessee should be held at all hazards, as we cannot afford to lose it and its advantages to us in many respects, which I need not enumerate to you. I feel that if we cannot hold East Tennessee we cannot hold any State.

There appears to be a general feeling among the soldiers that Buckner and Bragg will fall back. Our army can be re-enforced here as well or better than at any other point. An army can be fed here better than at any other point. You need not be surprised to hear of the railroad being in the hands of the enemy at any time between Loudon and Wytheville, Va.

The Union men about Knoxville and upper East Tennessee fell certain that East Tennessee will be in Federal hands soon.

I am glad to say that the letter of Mr. Foote is condemned here among Southern men, and he could not get half the vote here to-day that he did at the time he was elected.

A great many murders and robberies are being committed throughout East Tennessee by bushwhackers. I hope that General Bragg may be able to defeat the enemy and drive them back. I regret very much that my command is not exchanged so we could help defend our own homes.

God, I believe, is with us in our struggle and all will yet be right.

Yours, very respectfully,


[First indorsement.]


For attention as to rendezvous Vaughn's brigade. It would seem to me well to have Vaughn's old regiment restored to his command.

J. D.

[Second indorsement.]

SEPTEMBER 15, 1863.

Respectfully submitted to the President.

The Third Tennessee Regiment, formerly Vaughn's regiment, is in the brigade of Stevenson's division, the brigade commanded by Colonel Reynolds.

Vaughn's present brigade, of Stevenson's division, consists of the