War of the Rebellion: Serial 053 Page 0515 Chapter XIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Organization of the troops in the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, General Joseph E. Johnston, C. S. Army, commanding, August 20, 1863.


Major General WILLIAM W. LORING.

Buford's Brigade.

Brigadier General ABRAHAM BUFORD.

27th Alabama, Colonel James Jackson.

35th Alabama, Colonel Edward Goodwin.

54th Alabama, Colonel Alpheus Baker.

55th Alabama, Colonel John Snodgrass.

9th Arkansas, Colonel Isaac L. Dunlop.

3rd Kentucky, Colonel A. P. Thompson.

7th Kentucky, Colonel Edward Crossland.

8th Kentucky, Colonel H. B. Lyon.

12th Louisiana, Colonel Thomas M. Scott.

3rd Missouri Cavalry,* Lieutenant Colonel D. Todd Samuels.

Pointe Coupee (Louisiana) Artillery, Captain Alcide Bouanchaud.

Featherston's Brigade.


3rd Mississippi, Major S. M. Dyer.

22nd Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel H. J. Reid.

31st Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel M. D. L. Stephens.

22nd Mississippi, Colonel D. W. Hurst.

1st Mississippi Battalion Sharpshooters, Major James M. Stigler.

Alabama Battery, Captain Stephen Charpentier.

McLendon's (Mississippi) Battery, Captain Jacob Culbertson.

Adams' Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN ADAMS.

1st Confederate Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel George H. Forney.

6th Mississippi, Colonel Robert Lowry.

14th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel W. L. Doss.

15th Mississippi, Colonel M. Farrell.

20th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel William N. Brown.

23rd Mississippi, Major G. W. B. Garrett.

26th Mississippi, Colonel A. E. Reynolds.

Tennessee Battery, Captain Robert L. Barry.



Adams' Brigade.

Brigadier General DANIEL W. ADAMS.

32nd Alabama, Major J. E. Austin.

13th Louisiana

20th Louisiana Captain E. M. Dubroca.

16th Louisiana

25th Louisiana Colonel Daniel Gober

19th Louisiana, Major Loudon Butler.

14th Louisiana Battalion Sharpshooters, Major J. E. Austin.

Louisiana Battery, Captain C. H. Slocomb.

Helm's Brigade.

Brigadier General BENJAMIN H. HELM.

41st Alabama, Colonel Martin L. Stansel.

2nd Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel James W. Hewitt.

4th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel John A. Adair.

6th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel Martin H. Cofer.

9th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel John W. Caldwell.

Kentucky Battery, Captain Robert Cobb.