War of the Rebellion: Serial 053 Page 0489 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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No. 109.

Richmond, August 11, 1863.

I. A general pardon is given to all officers and men within the Confederacy, now absent without leave from the army, who shall (within twenty days from the publication of the address of the President in the State in which the absentees may then be) return to their posts of duty.

II. All men who have been accused or convicted, and undergoing sentence for absence without leave, or desertion, except only those who have been twice convicted of desertion, will be returned to their respective commands for duty.

By order:


Adjutant and Inspector-General.


August 11, 1863.

Captain L. P. GRANT,

Corps of Engineers, Atlanta, Ga.:

CAPTAIN: I have to acknowledge the receipt of yours of the 4th instant, relative to the construction of works for the defense of the city of Atlanta and of the ferries on the Chattanooga River. In regard to the system of defenses, I recommend to you full and free consultation with Colonel Wright.

The method adopted by you for defense of the ferries on the Chattahoochee River is approved by the bureau, as is likewise your intention to commence, so soon as the smaller works on the river are finished, the construction of a complete system of works around the city of Atlanta. To enable you to execute these proposed works, you will be supplied, on requisition, with the necessary funds. The sum of $5,000 has been placed to the credit of Captain J. A. Haydon, and you therefore need furnish him with no further funds.

Very respectfully,


Colonel of Engineers and Chief of Bureau.

N. B.-The order of work on the general defenses for Atlanta should be to occupy the favorable points in the circuit around the place (far enough from the town to prevent the enemy coming within bombarding distance) by suitable detached works, closed toward the town, with stockades. The intermediate spaces to be filled up afterward by rifle-pits of lines of infantry cover. The works to be earth-works, with such obstructions in advance as you may find the means and time to construct, such as abatis, pits, felled timber,&c.

J. F. C.



No. 154.

Morton, Miss., August 12, 1863.

* * * * *

VI. Major B. G. Bidwell, Thirtieth Tennessee Regiment, is hereby assigned to the command of the post at Enterprise, Miss., vice Major