War of the Rebellion: Serial 053 Page 0431 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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me to proceed to Louisville, Ky. For the present address all communications to me at that place. I will inform you as soon as my headquarters are located.

Nothing is received from the East to suggest any change of orders you already have. Continue to forward to Sherman all that you receive affecting the movement of his column.

Should the enemy be so effectually driven from North Mississippi as to enable you to do so, extend your command eastward and protect all the road you can. If possible Sherman should have at least the force he now has with him, compact and ready to move in any direction without detaching railroad guards.

I have telegraphed General Halleck the information I obtained with regard to movements of the enemy in Arkansas and on your line, and asked if Steele's forces could not be withdrawn. I also told him that I had advised that Steele send his cavalry as far as Arkadelphia, and destroy the salt-works, powder-mills, &c.

There is nothing in this of special interest to General Sherman, but I wish you would send him a copy. It will serve to show him that I have no orders controlling his movements not already in his possession.

I am, general, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



HEADQUARTERS SIXTEENTH ARMY CORPS, Memphis, Tenn., October 17, 1863.

Brig. General JOHN A. RAWLINS, Cairo, Ill.:

General Sherman has called for force enough for me to car the railroad to Buzzard Roost.

I have therefore ordered Fuller's brigade from Memphis to Big Bear Creek, which leaves me very light-handed here. I have written to Steele, asking True's brigade to be sent back, but do not know that it will be done. I request an order for that purpose. I desire that you obtain from Major-General Grant or General Halleck some definite instructions as to my limits of authority. The troops which I have furnished Steele are borne on my books as detached and do not report to me, but I suppose to Schofield. I do not like to lose them, but do not like either to issue any orders about them. Colonel Manter, who is chief of staff for Steele, is a little disposed to consider any call made by me for information as to these troops an interference.

The Okolona force, I am inclined to think, is moving into

North-east Alabama. Hatch has returned, having killed about 75 and wounded many of the enemy. His report is not in. I will send it as soon as it comes. We will probably have quiet for a few days; in mean time supplies are being pushed forward.

Very respectfully,



CORINTH, October 17, 18630-9.45 a.m.

Major-General HURLBUT, Memphis:

Fuller's brigade will do. Dodge says he can extend his present command so as to reach Iuka, leaving Fuller's to hold Buzzard Roost.