War of the Rebellion: Serial 053 Page 0398 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., N. ALA. AND N. GA.

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First Brigade, First Division, Brigadier General J. F. Knipe; headquarters at Decherd.

Twentieth Connecticut at Cowan; Third Maryland at tunnel, 2 miles beyond; Colonel S. Ross commanding at Cowan and vicinity.

Forty-sixth Pennsylvania, Fifth Connecticut, One hundred and twenty-first and One hundred and forty-fifth New York Volunteers; Batteries F, Fourth United States, and M, First New York Artillery, at Decherd; Brigadier General J. F. Knipe commanding post.

Third Brigade, First Division, General T. H. Ruger; headquarters at Tullahoma.

Third Wisconsin, Second Massachusetts, eight companies One hundred and seventh New York, at Elk River; two companies One hundred and seventh New York at water-tank and culvert, Estill Springs; col. William Hawley commanding post at Elk River and vicinity.

Twenty-seventh Indiana Thirteenth New Jersey and seven companies One hundred and fiftieth New York Volunteers, at Tullahoma.

Three companies One hundred and fiftieth New York at trestlework, 3 miles south of Tullahoma.

Brigadier General T. H. Ruger commanding post at Tullahoma and vicinity.

Second Division, Brigadier General John W. Geary; headquarters Murfreesborough.

First Brigade, Second Division, Colonel Charles Candy; headquarters Duck River.

Sixty-sixth Ohio between Wartrace and Bell Buckle, guarding bridges; Seventh Ohio guarding Garrison's Fork bridge; headquarters of both of these regiments at Wartrace.

Eighty-fifth Indiana, and Battery K, Fifth U. S. Artillery, at Wartrace; Colonel W. R. Creighton commanding post at Wartrace.

Twenty-eighth and One hundred and forty-seventh Pennsylvania at Duck River with brigade headquarters.

Twenty-ninth Ohio and seven companies Fifth Ohio at Normandy trestle, Colonel John H. Patrick commanding post.

One company Twenty-ninth Ohio at water-tank between Normandy and Tullahoma. The road is patrolled twice a day between Bell Buckle and within 2 miles of Tullahoma.

Second Brigade, Second Division, Colonel George A. Cobham; headquarters at Christiana.

One hundred and eleventh Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Colonel T. M. Walker, at Christiana, on picket duty and patrolling the railroad from within 3 miles of Murfreesborough to Murray's Cut.

One hundred and ninth Pennsylvania, Captain F. L. Gimber, at the Millersburg and Columbus Cross-Roads, on picket and patrolling railroad, to connect with One hundred and eleventh Pennsylvania.

Twenty-ninth Pennsylvania, Colonel W. Rickards, at Fosterville (two companies at Shelbyville) on picket, patrolling railroad to Bell Buckle and connecting with One hundred and ninth Pennsylvania.

Third Brigade, Second Division, Brigadier General George S. Greene; headquarters Murfreesborough.

Seventy-eighth New York Volunteers, Lieutenant Colonel H. von Hammerstein, on railroad bridge over west fork of Stone's River, about 3 miles south of Murfreesborough.

Sixtieth New York Volunteers, Colonel A. Godard, One hundred and second New York Volunteers, Colonel Lane, and Nineteenth Michigan Volunteers, Colonel H. C. Gilbert, stationed at Murfreesborough,

near railroad depot.