War of the Rebellion: Serial 053 Page 0179 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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October 8, 1863-8.20 p.m.

Captain COLE:

Report about the smoke and camp-fires.




October 8, 1863-8.55 p.m.

Captain MERRILL:

Can see a line of fires due east from here, about a mile in length; and one, half as long, 30 degrees south of east, both along foot of ridge. Too smoky to count the fires; none on ridge.


Acting Signal Officer.


October 8, 1863.

Captain MERRILL:

A brigade of infantry just at sundown moved along the crest of Mission Ridge, in direction of our right. I think they came down the east side of the ridge (though on account of smoke I could not see distinctly) on the road leading down from the place known as headquarters.


OCTOBER 8, 1863.

Statement of G. W. Carman, Fifth Kentucky Infantry; My regiment was on picket when I left it last night about 10 o'clock. No re-enforcements have arrived that I known of since the Chickamauga battle. Brigadier-General Preston is now commanding a division and Buckner a corps. Preston had been commanding a brigade and Buckner a division until a few days before the fight. The army was reorganized just before the fight. Some few men are in good spirits, but the most of them with whom I have conversed are in low spirits. If my regiment had the same opportunity that I had last night they would desert almost to a man. I do not know that any fighting has been going on in our rear either with the Union forces or amongst ourselves. Seven of us deserted last night from the same company and at the same time. We had it understood several days ago. My regiment numbers about 120 men for duty. We lost 14 killed during the fight and 72 wounded. The North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia troops are deserting and going home in squads every night. The general feeling among the men is that the old Union will be restored by the 25th of December. The men all hate Bragg. He passed through the camp last week. The men were sullen and refused to cheer him.