War of the Rebellion: Serial 052 Page 0761 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- UNION.

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September 21, 1863-11.30 p.m.

Captain MERRILL:

The officer mentioned in previous message says that at 12 m. to-day Colonel Watkins and command was at or within 3 miles of Crawfish Spring. About 1 p.m. was attacked by the enemy in the valley about 4 miles north of Cooper's Gap, with what result he cannot say.

Saw Lieutenant-Colonel Hoblitzell with about 300 on mountain, and thinks Colonel Watkins has crossed the mountains into Chattanooga Valley.


Lieutenant and Acting Signal Officer.


September 21, 1863-11.45 a.m.

Approximate information as far as can be obtained at this hour:*


Negley's division. - Killed, wounded, and missing, 1,700; artillery, 2 pieces; ;ammunition, 1 wagon; transportation, none.

Brannan's division. - Killed, wounded, and missing, 4,419. Artillery-effective force present, as follows: Company I, Fourth United States, 4 guns, 4 caissons, 3 limbers,20 horses short. Southwick's, 5 guns, 3 caissons, 5 limbers, 24 horses short.

Baird's division. - Transportation all sent to rear; artillery supposed to be safe, but only 4 pieces present. Killed, wounded, and missing about 3,000; regular brigade, 1,033 enlisted men and 52 officers.

Reynolds' division. - No information yet.


Johnson's division. - Killed, wounded, and missing, 1,900. Artillery, first day, captured 7 pieces; second day, abandoned 2; gain in artillery, 5. Transportation, none; ammunition, none.

Davis' division. - Killed, wounded, and missing, two brigades, 1,404. Post's brigade not reported, but not supposed to have been engaged; an officer of brigade reported last night the brigade was intact. Transportation, none; artillery, none; ammunition, none.


Palmer's division. - Transportation, none; artillery, 3 pieces; killed, wounded, and missing cannot tell, but loss very heavy; ammunition, none.

Van Cleve's and Wood's, no information.

Sheridan's division. - Killed, wounded, and missing, 1,200; transportation, none. Artillery, 3 pieces; recaptured 5 pieces of other divisions; has 2 batteries intact.


*But see revised statement, Part I, pp. 171-179.