War of the Rebellion: Serial 052 Page 0733 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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and property: Therefore, we do adopt and publish the following resolutions:

Resolved, first, That we have undoubted evidence that the Confederate States are designed to be very aristocratic and exceedingly oppressive in its form of government.

Resolved, second, That we hold no further allegiance to the Confederate States except when overpowered and compelled by the sword.

Resolved, third, That we believe the United States is the most democratic and best form of government now in existence.

Resolved, fourth, That we are certain the State of Louisiana did not secede from the United States Government by a vote of the people.

Resolved, fifth, That we have only been kept from our loyalty to the United States by the force of arms and oppression.

Resolved, sixth That we are willing to cordially welcome to our country the United States forces and flag of the Union.

Resolved, seventh, That we use all available means to preserve the Union.

Resolved, eighth, That we hold ourselves in readiness as a home guard company to assist the United States troops at any time in the protection of our homes, lives, and property.

Resolved, ninth, That we send three men from this company as commissioners to the commander of the post at Monroe, or the nearest post, to make known these resolutions, to procure a United States flag, to procure arms and ammunition, and to make such other arrangements as the company may deem necessary for our defense.

Resolved, tenth, That we sign our names to these resolutions, and implore the blessing of Almighty God to rest upon us.

We and each of us do solemnly swear before Almighty God that we will faithfully maintain the above preamble and resolutions, and we further swear we will pledge our lives and property and our sacred honor in their support.

We further swear that we will receive this oath as legal and lawful.

Matthew Ussery, J. G. Kidd, George W. Young, James B. Holidy, R. L. Elliott, James Head, D. E. Gaar, John Parker, David Emmons, James Arnauld, J. S. Peoples, Emory Prenett, Wm. Thornton, F. R. Thornton, J. F. Bridges, J. A. Perkins, Enos A. Lucas, John F. Smith, H. F. Lacky, J. A. Lacky, R. M. Nettler, J. Allen, Thomas Higginbotham, C. M. Presley, James Thornton, B. Arnold, J. L. Hatten, B. Branch, L. Merit, Wm. Crump, G. Smith, J. A. Sherbett, J. J. H. Simpson, Isaac Parker, J. M. Smith, Rubin Parker, Robert Emons, J. R. Bradley, John C. Smith, O. M. Lewis, D. G. King, James Lewis, J. B. Adams, H. L. McCroskle, L. L. Thomas, P. H. Lewis, Jasper Emmons, Thomas Allen, Augustus Dyer, T. Branch, C. E. Jones, Wyley Head, John P. Head, Robert Crawford, Samuel Cambrel, Lofton Cambrel, U. W. Sledge, J. C. Adams, Redick Blake, B. G. Adams, L. L. Adams, W. S. King, S. Sauthern, James Hudson, J. M. Thornton, Jesse W. Wright, S. E. Hart, H. C. Tatum, J. M. McKaskle, A. J. Perkins, P. H. Lewis, D. C. Kirkland.

[Inclosure No. 2.]

A meeting of the citizens of Oak Ridge and Milldale precincts, at the suggestion of the military authorities, was held on the 4th day of September, 1863, at the former residence of R. L. Matthews, to form