War of the Rebellion: Serial 052 Page 0607 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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as to the matter. He thinks things are in pretty good shape. We have sent to Stanley for the news in full, but have not yet got his reply.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff.

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE CUMBERLAND, Chattanooga, September 13, 1863-12.20 p. m.

Major-General CRITTENDEN,

Commanding Twenty-first Army Corps.

The general commanding directs you to post General Wood at Gordon's Mills (or Lee's) in a defensible position, with orders to watch well his front and left, and, in case of attack by a superior force, to fall back on Rossville slowly, resisting stoutly the enemy's advance. In case of extremity, and if Granger's force has not arrived at Chattanooga so as to support Wood at Rossville, and he should be compelled to fall back farther, he must take a position at a point guarding the roads to Chattanooga and around that point of Lookout Mountain, and hold them at all hazards. General Gordon Granger is en route from Bridgeport to this place with a division of infantry, and will support you or General Wood as soon as he can bring up his command.

Move the balance of your command during the evening and night on the road leading from Lee's, by way of Couch's, and take a position on Missionary Ridge so as to cover the road along the Valley of Chattanooga Creek, and also that running up the Valley of West Chattanooga Creek. There is also another road, which branches from the road by Couch's, about 1 mile north of there, and runs across Missionary Ridge, by way of McWithers', to Henson's, on the Chattanooga Valley road. This is reported an excellent road. Your supplies had better be taken to you by way of Rossville and the Dry Creek road.

The general commanding leaves in an hour for General Thomas' headquarters. He will close General McCook down on Thomas, and both on you as soon as possible, so as to concentrate the weight of our army against the enemy. Send Wilder up Chattanooga Creek, to feel his way carefully, reporting to you if it is clear, and as soon as possible join General Thomas.

Report very frequently. Your dispatches will be forwarded by courier. Send duplicate dispatches; one here, and one direct up the mountain to Stevens' Gap, via Rossville. Colonel Minty is ordered to join you. You must look well to you communications and report frequently. Should Wilder report the Valley of Chattanooga Creek comparatively safe and you can command Nickajack trace, you can send your dispatches up that way until they strike the courier line from here to General Thomas, which runs on top of the mountain all the way. Do not fail to send duplicates of all dispatches to this point, that they may be forwarded to the general commanding from here. The evidence accumulates that the whole of Bragg's army is not only in the valley, but even over in McLemore's Cove, near the foot of Lookout. Hence the necessity of great caution.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General.