War of the Rebellion: Serial 052 Page 0441 Chapter XLII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.,-UNION.

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and trains, allowing all the better trained soldiers to go forward to Rosecrans. Of course I mean for your to act in co-operation with, and not independently of, the military of, the military authorities.


FORT MONROE, September 8, 1863. (Received 9.15 p.m.)

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

* * * * *

CHATTANOOGA, September 4.

The enemy were signaling all night on Walden's Ridge, but everything is remarkably quiet across the river to-day. There are no further indications of an advance on the part of Rosecrans.

The Knoxville Register has been removed to Cleveland. Captain J. R. Rhodes, of the First Confederate Infantry, was shot at noon

to-day for encouraging desertions from his own company, and embezzling the money of substitutes. He made a short speech acknowledging the justice of the sentence, manifested but little concern, and died without a struggle.

Lieutenant-Colonel Aderhold of the same regiment was cashiered and conscripted yesterday for having been concerned in the same offenses.

CHATTANOOGA, September 5.

Although the armies are in close proximity, there are no indications of an early engagement, but a slight cause may bring it on, however, at any moment.

Our artillery at Driver's Ferry opened on the enemy at 6 o'clock this morning, for the purpose of ascertaining the strength of the position of the enemy's batteries. They responded promptly, and for half an hour a lively artillery duel was kept up without injury to our side. The discipline and health of the army are very fine. The troops are in the best spirits.

Nothing heard from General Buckner's command. The weather is clear and warm.

ATLANTA, September 7.

A special dispatch to the Confederacy says that Colonel Morrison, of the First Georgia Cavalry, repulsed the enemy at Diamond Gap on the night of the 3rd instant. Our loss was 2 wounded. The enemy's loss is not known. The brigade fell back south of the Tennessee River.

The enemy shelled Loudon on the 2nd instant, and killed 2 women. The bridge was burnt to prevent the enemy's crossing.

ATLANTA, September 5.

The Georgia Reserves. - Governor Brown has issued a proclamation, calling upon the State Reserves to hold themselves in readiness to march at a moment's warning. The men are to provide themselves with rations and subsistence on the march, and on the day after reaching rendezvous.

The Ladies' Atlanta Hospital Association gave a dinner to 1,000 of the Vicksburg soldiers to-day.


Brigadier-General and Chief of Staff.

Above is from Richmond Examiner of 7th. Please credit General Potter, chief of staff.


HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF THE CUMBERLAND, Trenton, September 8, 1863-12.05 p.m.

(Received 3.30 p.m.)


Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

Is there any legal way by which non-commissioned officers for the colored regiments can be paid according to their rank? It is mani-