War of the Rebellion: Serial 052 Page 0264 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLII.

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that place. The road from Poe's is good, keeping near the ridge for some distance; rolling, but no heavy hills.

In 9 1/2 miles from McMinnville is Etter's Cross-Roads, as will be seen by reference to opposite page.

At Etter's the right-hand is called the Chattanooga Stage road; from thence in 3 miles it crosses the Collins River, with good ford and banks, and then the road forks again, the right going to Beersheba Spa, 2 miles distant. Our road is the left, which in 2 1/2 miles reaches the foot of the mountain. The road ascends very gradually till within 200 yards of the top, where it is steep and a hard pull. From top of mountain it is 6 miles to Tate's, and farther on 2 miles to Esquire Barker's, and farther on the toll-gate and Widow Hicks' is passed. In 6 miles the road descends the mountain to M. Therman's at its foot. From Therman's take up the valley and in three-fourths of a mile turn to the right, and here the Sequatchie River is passed near Bennett's. The valley here is about 3 miles wide, and the approaches to the river and ford good. Leaving the river, and one-half mile you run into the Valley road on east side of the river; keep down the road and in one-half mile turn to the left, going to Colonel Anderson's at the foot of Walden's Ridge. It is 2 miles up the mountain, and the road a fair one; from thence in 5 miles cross the Chickamauga Creek on the mountain. On leaving the Chickamauga Creek it is 5 miles to J. C. Connor's on the ridge, and from thence to descent of the ridge it is 4 miles. The descent is in places steep, rocky, and rough. At the foot of the ridge the road forks, both going to Chattanooga. The right-hand is the most level, and regarded as the best. The road now runs along the base of the mountain for three-fourths of a mile, and then turns east to Chattanooga and reaches it in 5 miles from the foot of the ridge.

NOTE. - In ordinary seasons there is an abundance of water on either of the two last-described roads, except on the mountains, where in almost every season water is scarce. The roads by both routes are equally good, except the ascent and descent of the mountains. the Hill's and Poe's traces is thought the best route, as the mountain roads are the best.

Itinerary# from Tullahoma to Chattanooga, 75 miles.

Tullahoma to Manchester, 12 miles.

Manchester to Hillsborough, 8 miles.

Hillsborough to Pelham, 9 miles.

Pelham to top of mountain, 5 miles.

Top of mountain to Clipper's Station at foot of other side the headwaters of Battle Creek, 8 miles.

Clipper's to jasper, 11 miles.

Jasper to bridge over Sequatchie, 3 miles.

Bridge to Kelley's Ferry over Tennessee River, 8 miles.

Kelley's Ferry to Chattanooga, 11 miles.

Leaving Tullahoma the road runs northeast t, and in 5 miles crosses the McMinnville and Manchester Railroad, and there runs into the road from Manchester to Winchester, which from this point is 20

#Prepared at headquarters of General George H. Thomas.