War of the Rebellion: Serial 052 Page 0248 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter XLII.

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tents and under the charge of Surgeon McKibbin.a Dr. Perin is establishing a second temporary field hospital, 10 miles farther in advance, at Bridgeport, Ala., where the railroad leading to Chattanooga crosses the Tennessee River.

During my inspections made the last week in August along the Tennessee Valley, and upon the southern slope of the mountains, I have observed that the malarial diseases of which I have already spoken as commencing soon after the encampment of the troops, have not materially increased in frequency or severity. Coming down the range of mountains from the northeast the troops in the Sequatchie Valley suffer but little, while in the Valley of Battle Creek, at Bridgeport, Stevenson, and in the Valley of the Big Crow, malarial diseases are quite common, but yield easily to remedies. The cavalry, stationed mostly at points lower down the valley, but which is almost constantly moving, was never in better health.

During the month it has rained at the points in the department where I have been, more or less, on ten days, namely, from the 3rd to the 7th, inclusive, from the 12th to the 15th, inclusive, and on the 21st, since which time no rain has fallen. The days have generally been warm and the nights cool, and during the last seven or ten days of the month the nights have been excessively cool, so that fires were needed to keep the men comfortable.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Medical Inspector, U. S. Army.


August 31, 1863.

Colonel INNES,


The general commanding directs that you bend all your efforts to repairing the track to prevent repetition of accidents and detention of freight and other trains.




August 31, 1863-9.30 p.m.

General J. A. GARFIELD,

Chief of Staff:

Did not reach here till 8 o'clock this evening, though left camp 11.15 last night. Detentions all the way. I will try and get the laborers ready to-morrow. Get all done, and have Colonel Innes send me down to-morrow night the last of the plank. I met on the road to-day the last of the long pieces. Will go to-morrow.


Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief Quartermaster.

a Surgeon Finley has just been relieved.