War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0544 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS.,N. ALA., AND N. GA.

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September 19, 1863.-Skirmish at Bristol, Tenn.

20-21, 1863-Skirmishes at Carter's Depot, Tenn.

Action at Zollicoffer, Tenn.

21, 1863.-Action at Jonesborough, Tenn.

22, 1863.-Skirmish at Carter's Depot, Tenn.

Skirmish at Marrow Bone Creek, Ky.

Engagement at Blountsville, Tenn.

23, 1863.-Skirmish at Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

24, 1863.- Skirmish at Zollicoffer, Tenn.

25, 1863.-Brigadier General Mahlon D. Manson, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Twenty-third Army Corps.

Skirmish at Athens, Tenn.

Skirmishes at Calhoun and Charleston, Tenn.

26, 1863.-Skirmish at Calhoun, Tenn.

27, 1863.-Skirmish at Athens, Tenn.

Skirmish near Philadelphia, Tenn.

28, 1863.-Skirmish at Jonesborough, Tenn.

29, 1863.-Skirmish at Leesburg, Tenn.

October 2, 1863.-Skirmish at Greenville, Tenn.

5, 1863.-Skirmish at Blue Springs, Tenn.

6, 1863.-Skirmish at Glasgow, Ky.

Skirmish in Morgan County, Ky.

8-11, 1863.-Reconnaissance to Olympia Springs, Ky.

9, 1863.-Skirmish at Cleveland, Tenn.

10, 1863.-Action at Blue Springs, Tenn.

Skirmish at Salyersville, Ky.

10-11, 1863.-Skirmishes at Sweet Water, Tenn.

11, 1863.-Skirmishes at Henderson's Mill and Rheatown, Tenn.

12, 1863.-Skirmish at West Liberty, Ky.

14, 1863.-Skirmish at Blountsville, Tenn.

Skirmish near Loudon, Tenn.

15, 1863.-Skirmish at Bristol, Tenn.

Skirmish near Philadelphia, Tenn.

19, 1863.-Skirmish at Spurgeon's Mill, Tenn.

Skirmish at Zollicoffer, Tenn.


Numbers 1.-Major General Henry W. Halleck, General-in-chief, U. S. Army.

Numbers 2.-Major General Ambrose E. Burnside, U. S. Army, commanding Department of the Ohio.

Numbers 3.-Organization of the Department of the Ohio, August 31, 1863.

Numbers 4.-Abstract from return of the Department of the Ohio, August 31, 1863.

Numbers 5.-Major James H. Simpson, U. S. Corps of Engineers, Chief Engineer.

Numbers 6.-Captain Orlando M. Poe, U. S. Corps of Engineers.

Numbers 7.-Captain William H. Harris, U. S. Ordnance Department, Senior Ordnance Officer.

Numbers 8.-Captain William G. McCreary, U. S. Signal Corps, Chief Signal Officer.

Numbers 9.-Itinerary of the Ninth Army Corps, August 1 to October 28, 1863.

Numbers 10.-Itinerary of the Twenty-third Army Corps, August 1 to September 30, 1863.

Numbers 11.-Return of Casualties in the Union forces at Blue Springs, Tenn., October 10, 1863.

Numbers 12.-Brigadier General Edward H. Hobson, U. S. Army.

Numbers 13.-Major Samuel Martin, Thirty-seventh Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 14.-Colonel Selby Harney, Thirty-fourth Kentucky Infantry.