War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0541 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Private R. A. Burton, Co. A.

Private E. G. Seaton, Co. B.

Private W. J. Thornton, Co. C.

Private R. A. Coley, Co. E.

Sergt. James G. Moffatt, Co. F.

Fifth Sergt. Patrick Kennedy, Co. H.

Private G. M. Comer, Co. I.

Seventeenth Regiment of Infantry:

Captain F. B. Terry, Co. A.

Captain U. C. Harrison, Co. B.

Captain J. R. Handly, Co. E.

Captain J. D. Cooper, Co. F.

First Lieutenant J. D. Floyd, Co. A.

Second Lieutenant G. W. Waggoner, Co. E.

First Lieutenant R. W. McCullough, Co. F.

First Lieutenant Matt. Scruggs, a Co. G.

Second Lieutenant Z. W. Ewing, Co. H.

Private P. D. Parker, Co. A.

Private S. G. Blackman, Co. B.

Private H. D. McCrory, Co. C.

Private J. S. Wiseman, Co. E.

Private J. A. Wilson, Co. G.

Private J. W. Haggard, Co. G.

Private John Rea, Co. H.

Sergt. J. D. Lynch, Co. I.

Sergt. A. Bryant, Co. K.

Company D declined making of Infantry:

Major J. G. Lowe.

Captain G. A. Cortner, Co. D.

Captain J. P. Lytle, Co. F.

Captain William A. Ott, Co. H.

Lieutenant W. A. Vernon, Co. B.

Lieutenant J. M. Witherspoon, Co. H.

Private C. D. Hihg, Co. A.

Private W. G. Warren, Co. C.

Sergt. J. J. Shelton, Co. D.

Private E. J. Jordan, Co. E.

Private, J. L. Goodram, Co. F.

Companies B, G, and H declined making selections.

Twenty-fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. J. R. Johnson, Co. A.

Private J. H. Barrell, Co. B.

Private Joseph Hughes, Co. C.

Private W. A. White, Co. D.

Sergt. F. M. Hunter, Co. E.

Private J. W. Stewart, Co. F.

Private W. M. Bennett, Co. G.

Private Hugh L. Law, Co. H.

Private J. P. Morrison, Co. I.

Private D. J. Barton, Co. K.

Twenty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Adjt. A. R. Greigg.

Captain Mark Lowry, Co. A.

Captain G. H. Hash, Co. C.

Captain G. W. Kinnaird, Co. F.

First Lieutenant H. C. Fleming, Co. K.

Private Mitchell Copeland, a Co. D.

Private Z. H. Sullens,a Co. E.

Corpl. John M. Rayborn, Co. F.

Private James R. Spurlock, Co. G.

Private John S. Dennis, Co. H.

Private Thomas Phillips, a Co. I.

Private G. W. Henry, Co. K.

Other companies declined selecting.

Thirty-third Regiment of Infantry:

Private John Eastrige, Co. A.

Private J. A. Priest, Co. B.

Private John Eaves, Co. C.

Private Napoleon B. Wilson,a Co. D.

Sergt. F. E. Hatchett, Co. E.

Sergt. G. W. Calhoun, Co. F.

Private J. C. Huggins, Co. H.

First Sergt. Thomas J. Barham, Co. I.

Private Simpson Autry, Co. K.

Thirty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Colonel B. J. Hill.

Major G. S. Deakins.

First Lieutenant Warner Lewis, Co. H.

Second Lieutenant Z. B. Hamrick, Co. B.

Second Lieutenant W. W. Masey, Co. E.

Sergt. Joseph Hambles (color bearer).

First Sergt. James P. Hardcastle, Co. A.

Corpl. W. J. Carter, Co. A.

Corpl. A. J. Womack, Co. A.

Sergt. F. T. Vannerson, Co. B.

Corpl. S. R. Wood, Co. C.

Private G. W. Martin, Co. C.

Private Jesse Mooneyham, Co. C.

Sergt. A. J. Taylor, Co. D.

First Sergt. J. W. Warren, Co. E.

Private M. Ritchey, Co. E.

Private James W. Seal, Co. E.

Private Barney Tomney, Co. F.

Private James Anderson Hicks, Co. F.

Private John Kennedy, Co. F.

Private B. B. Snipes, Co. G.

Sergt. Reuben C. Garner, Co. G.

Private T. W. Wilson, Co. G.

Private T. M. Golston, Co. H.

Private M. E. Deakins, Co. H.

Private West Walker, Co. H.

Private J. M. Davis, Co. L.

Private Thomas Lemons, Co. L.

Private J. M. Head, Co. L.

aKilled in action.