War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0539 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Twenty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Private J. W. Hudnall, Co. A.

Corpl. G. W. Newcomer, Co. B.

Private L. H. Morero, Co. C.

Private Allen Brister (since dead), Co. D.

Private James Gresham, Co. E.

Private B. F. Lanius (since dead), Co. F.

Private O. E. Green, Co. G.

Private Jacob Hornburger (since dead), Co. H.

Private David Sills, Co. I.

Sergt. O. H. B. Kellar, Co. K.

Nineteenth Regiment of Infantry:

Actg. Sergt. Major T. B. Davidson.

Private John C. Walker, Co. A.

Private E. Gardner, Co. B.

Sergt. M. H. Loveless, Co. C.

Corpl. A. K. Wilson, Co. D.

Private John Carter, Co. E.

Private William Keithly, Co. F.

Sutler, W. A. Rhodes, Co. G.

Corpl. Jehu Mabry, Co. H.

Private Joe Williams, Co. I.

Sergt. O. T. Watson, Co. K.

Twentieth Regiment of Infantry:

Private James Young, Co. A.

Corpl. Ph. Schilling, Co. C.

Private August Lockwell, Co. D.

Private Patrick Mooney, Co. E.

Private William Kennedy, Co. F.

Sergt. M. Manning, Co. G.

Private Th. Price, Co. H.

Corpl. John McDonald, Co. I.

Private John Walker, Co. K.

Austin's Battalion of Sharpshooters:

Private John Boyne, Co. A.

Private John Hagan, Co. B.

Fourth Battalion of Infantry:

Private D. W. Frisbey, Co. A.

Private William Shively (since dead), Co. B.

Private Peter Orr (since dead), Co. C.

Private M. Rearden. Co. D.

Private Girard Ballance (since dead), Co. E.

Private R. L. Walker, Co. F.


Fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Private William Weaver, Co. A.

Private L. G. Collins, Co. B.

Private John Kittrell, Co. C.

Private L. T. Turner, Co. D.

Sergt. E. J. Holmes, Co. E.

Private S. J. Singleton, Co. F.

Private M. Stringfellow, Co. G.

Private F. A. Shands, a Co. H.

Private James M. McDonald, Co. I.

Private John Hadley, Co. K.

Ninth Regiment of Infantry:

Private T. G. Warford, Co. A.

Private W. Ward, Co. B.

Sergt. A. W. Harris, Co. C.

Private Thomas Dillon, Co. D.

Private Thomas Armstrong, Co. E.

Private D. Potts, Co. F.

Private S. T. Lumley, Co. G.

Private C. M. Carter, (Since dead), Co. H.

Sergt., D. R. Biles, Co. I.

Private Wilson Hey, Co. K.

Tenth Regiment of Infantry:

Private A. W. B. Prather,a Co. K.

Thirty-second Regiment of Infantry:

Private Smith Scroggins (since dead), Co. A.

Private J. B. Milton, a Co. B.

Private Samuel H. Stevenson, Co. C.

Private J. W. Looney, Co. D.

Private Munroe M. Miller, a Co. E.

Private J. M. Cooper, Co. F.

Sergt. C. H. Reed, Co. G.

Second Sergt. John Calvin Dean, Co. H.

Private C. C. Campbell, a Co. I.

Sergt. T. W. Crabb, Co. K.

Forty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Private John J. Mahaffey, Co. A.

Fourth Sergt. F. M. McGaughy, Co. B.

Private Joel Swindle, Co. C.

Private E. H. Templeton, Co. D.

Private Newton M. Brown, a Co. E.

Private Samuel McNeely, Co. F.

Private George W. Young, Co. G.

Private Odom Cox, a Co. K.

aKilled in action.