War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0537 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Nineteenth and Twenty-fourth Regiments of Infantry (consolidated):

Private Jacob Nugent, Co. A.

Private G. W. Green, Co. B.

Private C. W. Jones, Co. C.

Private J. B. Floyd, Co. D.

Private J. T. Cooper, Co. E.

Private William Holman, Co. F.

Private Peter Simpson, Co. G.

Private Thaddeus Glass, Co. H.

Private T. J. Thompson, Co. I.

Sergt. W. L. White, Co. K.


First Regiment of Cavalry (dismounted):

Private J. Wesley Herring, a Co. A.

Sergt. Madison Higginbotham, Co. B.

Private Riley Philips. Co. D.

Private George W. Lewis, Co. E.

Private George W. Tully, Co. F.

Private E. J. Tyner, Co. G.

Sergt. M. W. Simmons, Co. H.

Private John Grimes, Co. I.

Corpl. Harvey J. Goddard, Co. K.

Company C declined making a selection.

First and Third Regiments of Infantry (consolidated):

Sergt. Randolph Hernandez, 1st Florida, Co. A.

Private Henry Taylor, 1st Florida, Co. B.

Private George M. Williams, 1st Florida, Co. C.

Private Samuel V. Neeley, 1st Florida, Co. C.

Private John Wheeler, 1st Florida, Co. E.

Sergt. E. C. McCaskill, 1st Florida, Co. F.

Private Alfred Bray, 1st Florida, Co. G.

Private John Dixon, 1st Florida, Co. H.

Sergt. E. E. Baggett, 1st Florida, Co. I.

Private Robert B. McKay, 1st Florida, Co. K.

Private Robert Curry, 3rd Florida, Co. A.

Private Lott Allen, 3rd Florida, Co. C.

Private Jasper N. Caraway, 3rd Florida, Co. D.

Private Spicer B. Wilds, 3rd Florida, Co. F.

Sergt. William W. Lamb, 3rd Florida, Co. G.

Private George Walker, 3rd Florida, Co. H.

Private M. W. A. Huchingson, 3rd Florida, Co. I.

Private C, Bray, 3rd Florida, Co. K.

Fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Colonel W. L. L. Bowen.

Captain J. D. Miot, Co. D.

Lieutenant A. S. Pope, Co. C.

Lieutenant L. S. Owens, Co. A.

Lieutenant G. C. Dekle, Co. C.

Lieutenant W. M. T. Johnson, Co. E.

Lieutenant J. W. Banks, Co. I.

Private William Haas, Co. A.

Sergt. Thomas L. Wingate, Co. B.

Sergt. J. W. Hammerly, Co. C.

Private J. B. Arnold, Co. D.

Private H. Kelly Mills, Co. E.

Private W. O. Branning, Co. F.

Private J. N. Conyers, Co. G.

Private Johnson Pippin, Co. H.

Corpl. G. L. Bryan, Co. I.

Sergt. J. H. Brandon, Co. K.

Sixth Regiment of Infantry:

Private David Cannon, Co. A.

Private Nixon Elliott, Co. B.

Private John A. McDonald, Co. C.

Private William Royals, Co. E.

Sergt. Seaborne Weatherby, Co. G.

Corpl. S. W. J. Hall, Co. I.

Private J. R. Martin, Co. K.

Companies D, F, and H declined making selections.

Seventh Regiment of Infantry:

Private William Adison, Co. A.

Private John M. Henry, Co. B.

Private Benjamin Turner, Co. D.

Private William Lisk, Co. F.

Private Josephus Moss, Co. K.

Companies C, E, G, H and I made no selections.


Fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Private J. Kirby Brown, a Co. A.

Private Thomas P. Weir, Co. B.

Corpl. John Fox, Co. C.

Private James W. Hall, a Co. D.

Corpl. John B. Johnston, a Co. E.

Private William M. Blackwell, Co. F.

Private T. H. Devane, Co. G.

First Sergt. John P. Chapman, Co. I.

Private James Torrence, a Co. K.

Company H made no selection.

aKilled in action.