War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0536 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., N. ALA., AND N. GA.

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Twenty-fifth Regiment of Infantry:

Corpl. W. M. Young, Co. A.

Corpl. Sampson Grimmet, Co. B.

Private George W. Magby, Co. C.

Corpl. J. M. Edwards, Co. D.

Private Jones C Moore, Co. E.

Sergt. Thomas J. Keeley, Co. F.

Private R. C. Ogden, Co. G.

Private Morris Foley, Co H.

Sergt. W. Harry Barger, Co. I.

Sergt. J. J. Poindexter, Co. K.

Thirty-first Regiment of Infantry:

Private Jonatham Pool, Co. A.

Fourth Sergt. J. G. Reed, a Co. B.

Private James M. Garven, Co. C.

Private William H. Huie, Co. D.

Private John N. Cannon, Co. F.

Sergt. James W. Carter, Co. G.

Private Frank M. Arnold, Co. H.

sergt. George W. Williams, Co. I.

Private J. E. Coker, Co. K.

Fourth Battalion of Infantry:

First Sergt. John M. Douglass, Co. A.

Corpl. George W. Bost, Co. B.

Private Willis Worley, Co. C.

Private John P. Bullion, a Co. E.

Second and Fifteenth Regiments of Infantry (consolidated):

Lieutenant Colonel R. F. Harvey.

Lieutenant R. E. Smith, Co. G.

Sergt. B. B. Hall a (color bearer), 2nd Arkansas.

Private G. W. Steward, 2nd Arkansas, Co. A.

First Sergt. John Gleeson, 2nd Arkansas, Co. B.

Corpl. Stephen Roberts, 2nd Arkansas, Co. D.

Private H. R. Robertson, 2nd Arkansas, Co. F.

Corpl. J. W. Puckett, 2nd Arkansas, Co. G.

Sergt. H. A. Atkinson, 2nd Arkansas, Co. I.

Sergt. J. N. Baker (color bearer), 15th Arkansas, Co.-

Corpl. J. E. Violett, 15th Arkansas, Co. B.

Fifth and Thirteenth Regiments of Infantry (consolidated):

Captain A. B. Washington, 5th Arkansas, Co. K.

Captain T. J. Fletcher, 13th Arkansas, Co. A.

First Lieutenant W. T. Jones, 5th Arkansas, Co. G.

Private Howell Wells, 5th Arkansas, Co. A.

Private William F. King, 5th Arkansas, Co. B.

Sergt. B. H. Franklin, 5th Arkansas, Co. C.

Private R. A. Arnold, 5th Arkansas, Co. D.

Private James Looney, a 5th Arkansas, Co. E.

Sergt. C. H. Harris, 5th Arkansas, Co. F.

Private James K. Pyburn, 5th Arkansas, Co. G.

Private A. B. Sherrer, 5th Arkansas, Co. H.

Private G. W. Ransone, 5th Arkansas, Co. K.

Company I declined making a selection.

Private Martin Shelly, 13th Arkansas, Co. A.

Private Joseph W. Altman, 13th Arkansas, Co. B.

First Sergt. John Heathcock, 13th Arkansas, Co. C.

Private Davis Carter, 13th Arkansas, Co. D.

Private William Sandford, 13th Arkansas, Co. E.

Corpl. John Hampton, 13th Arkansas, Co. F.

Private J. B. Hodges, 13th Arkansas, Co. G.

Sergt. Robert S. Kendall, 13th Arkansas, Co. K.

Companies H and I declined making selections.

Sixth and Seventh Regiment of Infantry (consolidated):

Captain J.. W. Martin, Co. K.

Lieutenant T. W. Lockett, Co. K.

Corpl. O. J. C. Tormby, Co. A.

Private Elijah Goings, Co. B.

Private G. W. Bolger, Co. C.

Private P. M. Williamson, Co. D.

Private J. T. Dixon, Co. F.

Sergt. J. M. Dunson, Co. G.

Sergt. J. M. Kelly, Co. H.

Sergt. Thomas B. Podgett, Co. I.

Sergt. W. W. Wood, Co. K.

aKilled in action.