War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0535 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Second Battalion, Alabama Legion:

Captain W. D. Walden, Co. B.

Private John H. Randall, Co. A.

First Sergt. Socrates Spigener, Co. B.

Private Benjamin F. Temple, a Co. C.

Private William P. Jones, Co. D.

Private George W. Norris, a Co. E.

Corpl. Joseph V. Castlebury, a Co. F.

Third Battalion, Alabama Legion:

Captain John McCreless, Co. E.

Private Micajah Kirkland, a Co. A.

Private John Blankenship (since dead) Co. C.

Private Henry R. Lewis, Co. C.

Companies B, D, and F declined making selections.

Artillery Battalion, Alabama Legion:

Private Jackson Lee, a Co. A.

Corpl. James E. French, Co. B.

Private B. F. Martin, a Co. D.

Private R. S. Turlington, a Co. E.

Eufaula Light Artillery:

Private John C. Caroll (since dead).

Semple's Battery:

Private Robert G. Chambliss.


First Mounted Regiment:

Private James A. McKenzie, Co. A.

Private John B. Williams, Co. B.

Private T. J. Baskins, Co. C.

Second Sergt. James H. Hartt, Co. D.

Private John L. Farrow, a Co. E.

Second Sergt. Silas Smoot, Co. F.

Private W. N. Alphin, Co. G.

Second Sergt. George W. Bryant, Co. H.

Corpl. Samuel Plummer, Co. I.

Corpl. Alexander A. Lyle, a Co. K.

First Regiment of Infantry:

Colonel John W. Colquitt

Adjt. S. N. Greenwood.a

Captain Samuel Shoup, Co. G.

First Lieutenant Louis Hillman, Co. H.

First Lieutenant James G. Wilson, Co. F.

First Lieutenant A. J. Pitner, Co. B.

First Lieutenant M. B. Harris, Co. C.

Second Lieutenant Augustus Ruffner, Co. D.

Sergt. L. J. Perry, Co. A.

Private Charles Trickett, Co. B.

Private J. W. Bell, Co. C.

Sergt. N. B. Marshall, Co. D.

Private J. H. Callahan, Co. E.

Sergt. F. S. Barnett, Co. F.

Private Joseph Hubbard, Co. G.

Private James Word, Co. H.

Private James R. Griffin, Co. I.

Sergt. M. L. Nobles, Co. K.

Fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Private William R. Barnehill, Co. A.

Private J. F. Cheatham, a Co. B.

Private H. Wilder, a Co. C.

Private Lewis McClelland, a Co. D.

Private William F. Williams, Co. E.

First Sergt. J. P. Lawrence, Co. F.

Fourth Sergt. Thomas J. Haynes, Co. G.

First Corpl. William Howard, Co. H.

Private James M. Flinn, Co. I.

Private J. T. O. Tibbitts, Co. K.

Eighth Regiment of Infantry:

Captain John R. Richardson, Co. F.

Captain W. F. Gibson, Co. I.

First Lieutenant E. H. Holton, Co. D.

First Lieutenant H. H. Harris, Co. G.

Private T. J. Sanders, a Co. B.

Private P. V. Robbins, Co. D.

Private H. J. Townsend, Co. E.

Private Charles Butler, Co. F.

Private W. E. Decker, Co. G.

Private Robert J. Obarr, Co. I.

First Sergt. D. P. Porter, Co. K.

Companies A, C and H declined making selections.

aKilled in action.