War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0534 KY, SW., VA.,TENN., MISS., N. ALA.,AND N. GA.

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Twenty-fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Private Andrew Crevillari, Co. A

Private Peter Cusac, Co. B.

Private G. C. Wells, Co. C.

Sergt. George Moody (color bearer), Co. D

Private Thomas Hamilton, Co. F.

Private William Jinnery, Co. H.

Private William W. Meadow, Co. I.

Companies E. G. and K declined selecting.

Twenty-eighth Regiment of Infantry:

Private George Aubrey, Co. A.

Private J. R. Gaither, Co. B.

First Sergt. W. H. Logan, Co. C.

Private C. D. Goolsby, Co. D.

Private R. F. Sumner, Co. E.

Corpl. David Knox, Co. F.

First Sergt. W. J. Wilson, Co. G.

Private Hosea Vines, Co. H.

Private L. P. Wright, Co. I.

Sergt. James R. Smith, Co. K.

Private Jacob Smith, Co. L.

Thirty-third Regiment of Infantry:

Captain W. E. Dodson, Co. C.

Captain B. F. Hammett, Co. D

Private W. R. Mock, Co. A.

Private J. D. Pevey, Co. C.

Sergt. C. L. Sessions, a Co. D.

Private P. H. S. Lewis, a Co. E.

Third Sergt. Richard R. Bush, a Co. G.

Corpl. Alexander R. Bell, Co. H.

Private W. E. Hatten, Co. I.

Private William Harris, Co. K.

The other companies made no selection.

Thirty-fourth Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. J. L. Carlton, Co. A.

Sergt. A. C. Ferguson, Co. C.

Private W. M. Johnson, Co. E.

Private G. W. Smith, Co. G.

Private W. A. Houston, Co. H.

Private S. H. Pitts, Co. I.

Sergt. W. H. Long, Co. K.

Companies B and F declined making selections.

Thirty-eighth Regiment of Infantry:

Private T. C. Ezell, a Co. A.

Corpl. James M. Moore, Co. B.

Corpl. J. E. Platt, Co. C.

Private A. McAlpin, a Co. C.

Sergt. W. W. Buford, a Co. D.

Corpl. Joel W. Bell, Co. E.

Private A. D. Sims, Co. F.

Sergt. W. W. Holly, a Co. G.

Private Patrick Dayton, a Co. H.

Sergt. G. F. Williamson, a Co. I.

Private Francis H. Wilson, a Co. K.

Sergt. John L Maye, Co. K.

Forty-third Regiment of Infantry:

Private William R. Ethridge, a Co. A.

Private John A. Maness, Co. B.

Sergt. W. C. Johnson, Co. D.

Sergt. Newton Bruce, Co. E.

Sergt. E. N. Maxey, Co. F.

Private David Scott, Co. G.

Private Daniel F. Tubb, Co. H.

Private John Barnes, Co. I.

Private William W. Scales, Co. K.

Company C declined making a selection.

Fifty-eighth Regiment of Infantry:

Sergt. Joel B. Freeman (color bearer), Co. A.

Sergt. S. C. Johnston, Co. A.

Private J. N. Ward, Co. B.

Sergt. J. L. Huddleston, Co. C.

Private J. H. Burgess, a Co. D.

Private Z. E. Lee, Co. E.

Private J. V. McGinnis, Co. F.

Private T. J. Mize, Co. G.

Private S. J. Harrell, Co. H.

Sergt. W. C. McClellen, Co. I.

Corpl. J. R. Rogers, Co. K.

Gibson's Battalion of Infantry:

First Lieutenant L. S. Mathews, Co. B.

Corpl. R. A. Jones, Co. A.

Private Silas P. Dutton, Co. B.

Private George Ridley, Co. C.

First Battalion, Alabama Legion:

Adjt. John Massey.

Private John H. Conner, a Co. A.

Private J. E. Wright, Co. B.

Private James M. Gibson, Co. C.

Private B. A. Davis, a Co. D.

Sergt. J. L. Cox, a Co. E.

Private A. J. Daw, a Co. F.

Company G declined making a selection.

aKilled in action.