War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0369 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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a house within 50 yards of the enemy's guns, and fired at the gunners until the next brigade came up. The house in the meantime was pierced by a number of shells, and the roof torn off, and E. D. Moore, a private of the same company, who accompanied them, fell mortally wounded, pierced by four balls. Attention is also called to the conduct of Corpl. James A. Soper, Company K, and acting color bearer, who, when the brigade was compelled to fall back before a most destructive cross-fire of artillery and musketry, continued to advance, and waved the colors, calling upon his regiment to come on, and did not retire until ordered to do so by his commanding officer.

Twenty-sixth Tennessee.-Sergt. Major J. A. M. Foute; Sergt. N. F. Whitlock, Company K; Private J. E. F. Rice, Company C; Private George W. Jones, Company D.

Forty-fifth Tennessee.-Sergt. T. S. Watkins, Company C; Private George Lenoir, Company G; Private J. P. Hale, Company D; Sergt. R. D. Jamison, Company D.

Thirty-second Tennessee.-Private J. W. Ellis, Company A; Sergt. W. W. Courtney, Company D; J. R. McNutt, color bearer; L. B. McFerrin, Company K.

Newman's battalion.-J. W. Wallace, color bearer.


Twentieth Tennessee.-Sergt. W. W. Evans, Company A; Sergt. J. C. Irvin, Company E; Private B.[F.] Harrison, Company F; Sergt. A.[L.] Fuqua, Company I; Sergt. J. J. Ellis, Company I.

Fifteenth and Thirty-seventh Tennessee.-Sergt. J. McFarland, color bearer; Sergt. J. W. C. Mitchel, Company A; Corpl. J. R. Yates, Company A; Corpl. Isaac Mullins, Company A; Sergt. J. A. McNutt, Company B; Private E. Flemming, Company B; Private W. B. Lee, Company C; Private J. S. Lee, Company C; Private J. Coon, Company C; Sergt. Robert Monteith, Company G; Private John McConkey, Company G; Sergeant Rosenbalm, Private E. M. Snipes, Company K.

John McFarland, color bearer of the Fifteenth Tennessee Regiment, signalized himself by distinguished courage. He preceded his regiment in the action 15 or 20 feet, exhorting his fellow soldiers to stand by his colors. His enthusiasm was unbounded. He would not relinquish his colors for any promotion.

Commanders of the Thirty-seventh Georgia, Fifty-eighth Alabama, and Caswell's battalion are unable to mention any man in their commands that showed himself more conspicuous for gallantry than another, stating that all conducted themselves so well that it would be invidious to make distinctions.


Eighteenth Alabama Regiment.-Sergt. T. J. Durrett, Company E; Private J. Jones, Company F; Corpl. and Color Bearer J. B. Moore, Company G; Private T. F. Hughston, Company K.

Thirty-sixth Alabama.-Color Bearer J. W. Tillinghast.

Thirty-eighth Alabama.-Sergt. Major J. R. Larkin, Sergt. J. W. George, Company H; Privates J. P. Seabrook, Company I, and Calloway Johnson, Company E.