War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0242 KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA. Chapter XLII.

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that when I reported to General Hill, had he permitted me to fight my Reserve Corps according to my own judgment, and had not disintegrated it, as he did, by sending it in by detachments, I would have formed my five batteries on the left flank of the enemy, toward the Chattanooga road, and opened fire upon the enemy's flanks, and would have either pushed them forward, supported by infantry, or have marched past them with my combined force; and I feel satisfied that the enemy's left would have been carried much easier than it was, and many a gallant man been saved, and his retreat intercepted.

I refer the commanding general to the reports of the division and brigade commanders for the conduct of their officers on the field.

In the three days' fighting I had the honor to command the gallant Reserve Corps, I witnessed nothing but a heroism that was worthy of men battling for their freedom.

To the division and brigade commanders-General Gist [commanding division composed of Generals Gist's and Ector's and Colonel Wilson's brigades], and General Liddell [commanding division composed of General Walthall's and Colonel Govan's brigades]- I have only to say that the brigadier-generals fought with a gallantry that entitles them to division commands, and the colonels commanding brigades with an obstinacy and courage that entitle them to the rank of brigadier-general. The conduct of colonels, commanders of batteries, line officers, and privates is recorded by their respective commanders.

I may be permitted in my own division, which was commanded on Sunday by General Gist, to state that Colonel Wilson, who commanded a brigade on both Saturday and Sunday, and acted with great distinction, and who is the oldest colonel from Georgia, is entitled, from long service with the brigade and from gallant conduct, to the command of the Georgia brigade he now commands in the capacity of brigadier-general, and that the gallant Stevens, of Gist's brigade, who was severely wounded, from what I know of his capacity as an officer, from his gallantry on the field, and from his devotion to the cause, would grace any position that might be conferred.

To my staff-Captain J. B. Cumming, assistant adjutant-general; Captain S. H. Crump, assistant inspector-general; Lieutenants Lamar and Kenan, aides-de-camp; Lieutenant Magruder, ordnance officer [who was on the field with me], and Captain M. H. Talbot, volunteer aide-I am indebted for distinguished and gallant service on the field, and [also] to Captain Troup, assistant adjutant-general, who was dangerously wounded while carrying an order in the thickest of the fight. From the character of the fighting on both Saturday and Sunday they were greatly exposed, and bore themselves as became gentlemen and soldiers fighting for all that is dear.

For the gallant dead we can but mourn. The noble, brave, and chivalrous Colquitt, who fell in command of Gist's brigade, was a soldier, a gentleman, a Christian, and a friend. I hope I will be excused for paying in my report a tribute to his worth.

A map* of the field and a list of casualties will accompany this report.

Gregg's brigade, which now forms a part of Walker's division, reported during the battle to Major-General Hood, whose official re-


*See p.242a.


MAP (on page 242a).