War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0076 Chapter XIII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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SATURDAY, September 12, [1863.]

Clear and very warm during the day. Shower for ten minutes; did no good. By 7 a. m. Cheatham's division en route for Rock Spring Church. Van Cleve's division, of Crittenden's corps, said to be advancing on the Gordon's Mills road, Palmer's division (same corps) on Pea Vine Church road, and Wood's division (same corps) on Ringgold and La Fayette road, with Wilder's cavalry on their left. Cheatham covered all the roads with is division from Dr. Anderson's, on the left, to Pea Vine Church road, as per the following diagram.*

At 4 p. m. general and staff started for Rock Spring Church and got there about dark. Walker's division got up about 8 p. m. At 10.25 p. m. general sent me with dispatch to General Bragg, with the request that he (Bragg) would send Buckner's command to his support. I was desired to go in a hurry, and delivered the dispatch, 8 1/2 miles off, in thirty-five minutes. Hindman was by the same order directed to come out immediately.

SUNDAY, September 13, [1863.]

Clear and very warm. By 3 a. m. General Walker was ordered to take position to right of Cheatham. At 4.30 Hindman reported in person at headquarters at Mrs. Susan Parks', near Rock Spring Church, on Pea Vine road. At 6 a. m. Hindman was ordered to take position between Cheatham and Walker. The new line thus formed left Cheatham with three brigades in front and two in reserve; Hindman, two in front and one in reserve, and Walker, three in front and one in reserve. Orders issued at 9 a. m., before the line was formed, to division commanders to inform corps headquarters when they were in line, as the order was for the whole line to advance. About this time information came from Pegram that there was no enemy on the Ringgold road, and there was a movement of the enemy from that road toward the Gordon's Mills road. The enemy were only about 1 1/2 miles out on that road, and Strahl was sent out to develop them. The first guns were fired about 12.30, and Stahl retired, with the intention of drawing the enemy after him on Cheatham. After some artillery practice, the firing ceased. General Bragg and staff arrived at General Polk's quarters about 9 a. m. Buckner was ordered partly out and then ordered back. At 2 p. m. Walker was ordered to swing from right toward left, in order to strike the enemy, said to be at Pea Vine Church in force. Before, however, the order was executed it was discovered that, heaving only his skirmishers to deceive, he had gone with his whole force toward Chattanooga. At 5 p. m. General Bragg and staff returned to La Fayette.

MONDAY, September 14, [1863.]

Clear and warm. At 9 a. m. all the troops started for La Fayette.

General returned by 6 p. m. Changed camp between the two Dalton roads.

WEDNESDAY, September 16, [1863.]

Clear and warm. General Bragg issued address to troops, telling them we should march against the enemy and crush him. Learned that Longstreet's corps was arriving at Dalton, and French's division was also coming up from Mississippi. Heard that Frazer had given up Cumberland Gap without a shot; surrendered upon demand. In evening order received to march at 8 a. m. tomorrow.


*See p. 75.