War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0059 Chapter XIII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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to be located in a new place, at about one-half or three-quarters of a mile from Alexander's Bridge on the Chickamauga Creek. When we arrived at the spot selected as the headquarters of the general, and our camping ground, I was ordered, pursuant to instructions received from headquarters by our orderly sergeant (Mr. Charles Galloway), to go back to Alexander's Bridge and give all necessary directions to couriers and all other persons inquiring for the headquarters of General Polk. At about 9.30 p. m. I was relieved and ordered to repair to the fork of the main road running from Alexander's Bridge and the road leading to the headquarters of General L. Polk, which were at about 100 yards from the main road. The instructions given to me, pursuant to orders from headquarters were to stay at the above-designated place and to direct all persons looking for the general to his headquarters. I was especially instructed not to move from that place until Generals Walker and Hill would have passed. During the time I was on post several persons inquired for the headquarters of General Polk, and were by me instructed where they were located. Among those inquiring for said headquarters I remember Lieutenant Wm. E. Bertus, one of the staff of General Breckinridge, and two other staff officers of General Hill. I had conversation with one of the two staff officers of General Hill. As he passed near the fork of the roads above mentioned he asked me if I had seen General Hill. I answered that I had not, and that I was waiting till he passed to show him the road to the headquarters of General Polk. He then said, "You could give me the information I want. Do you know if General Hill has been at General Bragg's to-night?" I answered that I did not know, but that he could ascertain it from General Polk, who had arrived a few minutes since from the headquarters of General Bragg. He then requested me to go and ascertain it from General Polk, stating that he wished to have said information, because if General Hill had not been at General Bragg's he would have to go. I answered that I could not leave my post; that the headquarters of General Polk were right on the road where they were, at 100 yards. He then said, "Go on; I and my friend will during your absence direct all those inquiring for the headquarters of General Polk." I then repaired to General Polk, whom I found sitting near the fire with the late Colonel Richmond. I delivered him the message of the staff officer of General Hill. General Polk's answer was, "Go and tell that officer that it is useless for him to go to General Bragg, inasmuch as I have all the orders to be transmitted to General Hill, and have full authority to give all instructions," or something to that effect. "Tell him to come here, and that I will give him all necessary instructions." I then went back to my post and there found the two above-mentioned officers, to whom I gave the answer of General Polk. They then left and repaired to the headquarters of General Polk. Several parties inquired during the time I was on post for the headquarters of General Polk and I directed them.


Sworn to and subscribed before me October 1, 1863.


Presiding Judge of the Military Court of

Lieutenant-General Polk's Corps.