War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0043 Chapter XIII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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10-pounder Parrott shell 104

20-pounder Parrott shell 120

2 1/2-inch rifle shell 6

3.2-inch shot 13

3-inch rifle shell 48

6-pounder rifle shell 21

6-pounder rifle shot 12

Blank cartridges 237

3.8-inch rifle shell 110

12-pounder howitzer spherical case 140

Small arms 23,281

Bayonets 461

Cartridges (for small-arms) 135,000

Cavalry saddles 6

Cavalry bridles 12

Bayonet scabbards 863

Cap-pouches 100

Cavalry saddles, leather, complete 29

Cavalry saddles, leather, not complete 4

Cavalry saddles, cloth, not complete 4

Cavalry saddles, cloth, not complete 8

Halters 7

Halters (damaged) 4

Miscellaneous blankets 10

Cartridge boxes 696

Cap boxes 800

Waist belts and plates 368

Pounds picket rope 33

Shoulder straps 365

I certify that the within statement is correct.


Captain, Ordnance Department, Army of Tennessee.

Numbers 238.

Reports of Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk, C. S. Army, commanding

Right Wing.


Anderson's House, September 11, 1863-1 a. m.

COLONEL: Having met the courier with the accompanying dispatch, * I have read and forwarded it. From this you will perceive that General Hindman thinks it doubtful whether the force at his disposal will be adequate for the emergency. Of this the general, perhaps, has better means of judging. In compliance with orders, I shall send the whole of my wagon train (Cheatham's and Hindman's) forward, and shall remain at Anderson's with the troops of Cheatham's division to cover Hindman's, and only to move forward to La Fayette when pressed by the enemy. It is for the commanding general to determine, with General Hindman's communication, whether my presence with Cheatham's division will be of more value to Hill or Hindman. I do not know the difficulties to be encountered in passing from the head of McLemore's Cove over to La Fayette, nor the strength of the force which the enemy can bring against Hill from the direction of Summerville; but I think it of the highest importance that thorough work should be made in the operations of the first attack.


*Not found as an inclosure: but see Exhibit M, p. 302.