War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0010 Chapter XIII. KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA.,AND N.GA.

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Numbers 376.-Lieutenant R. W. Anderson, Dawson's (Georgia) battery.

Numbers 377.-Brigadier General William B. Bate, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 378.-Colonel Bushrod Jones, Fifty-eighth Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 379.-Colonel A. F. Rudler, Thirty-seventh Georgia Infantry.

Numbers 380.-Lieutenant Colonel Joseph T. Smith, Thirty-seventh georgia Infantry.

Numbers 381.-Lieutenant Joel Towers, Fourth Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters.

Numbers 382.-Colonel R. C. Tyler, Fifteenth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fifteenth and Thirty-seventh Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 383.-Lieutenant Colonel R. Dudley Frayser, Thirty-seventh Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fifteenth and Thirty-seventh Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 384.-Captain r. M. Tankesley, Thirty-seventh Tennessee Infantry, commanding Fifteenth and Thirty-seventh Tennessee Infantry, commanding.

Numbers 385.-Major W. M. Shy, Twentieth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 386.-Lieutenant W. J. McKenzie, Eufaula (Alabama) Light Artillery.

Numbers 387.-Brigadier General Henry D. Clayton, C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 388.-Major P. F. Hunley, Eighteenth Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 389.-Colonel Lewis T. Woodruff, Thirty-sixth Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 390.-Lieutenant Colonel A. R. Lankford, Thirty-eighth Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 391.-Captain John T. Humphreys, First Arkansas Battery.

Numbers 392.-Brigadier General William Preston, C. S. Army, commanding division.

Numbers 393.-Brigadier General Archibald Gracie, jr., C. S. Army, commanding brigade.

Numbers 394.-Colonel young M. Moody, Forty-third Alabama Infantry.

Numbers 395.-Captain George W. Huguley, First Battalion, Hilliard's (Alabama) Legion.

Numbers 396.-Lieutenant C. Hall, Adjutant Second Battalion, Hilliard's (Alabama) Legion.

Numbers 397.-Lieutenant Colonel John W. A. Sanford, Third Battalion, Hilliard

s (Alabama) Legion.

Numbers 398.-Major John D. McLennan, Fourth Battalion, Hilliard's (Alabama) Legion.

Numbers 399.-Major John A. Aiken, Sixty-third Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 400.-Colonel Robert C. Trigg, Fifty-fourth Virginia Infantry, commanding brigade.

Numbers 401.-Colonel G. Troup Maxwell, First Florida Cavalry (dismounted).

Numbers 402.-Colonel J. J. Finley, Sixth Florida Infantry.

Numbers 403.-Colonel Robert Bullock, Seventh Florida Infantry.

Numbers 404.-Lieutenant Colonel John J. Wade, Fifty-fourth Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 405.-Colonel John H. Kelly, Eighth Arkansas Infantry, commanding brigade.

Numbers 406.-Colonel R. H. Moore, Sixty-fifth Georgia Infantry.

Numbers 407.-Colonel Hiram Hawkins, Fifth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 408.-Colonel John B. Palmer, Fifty-eighth North Carolina Infantry.

Numbers 409.-Major James M. French, Sixty-third Virginia Infantry.

Numbers 410.-Major A. Leyden, Ninth Georgia Artillery Battalion.

Numbers 411.-Major Samuel C. Williams, Reserve Corps Artillery Battalion.

Numbers 412.-Brigadier General Bushrod R. Johnson, C. S. Army, commanding Provisional Division.

Numbers 413.-Lieutenant George Marchbanks, C. S. Army, Assistant Inspector-General.

Numbers 414.-Colonel John S. Fulton, Forty-fourth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Johnson's brigade.

Numbers 415.-Lieutenant Colonel Watt W. Floyd, Seventeenth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 416.-Colonel R. H. Keeble, Twenty-third Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 417.-Lieutenant Colonel R. B. Snowden, Twenty-fifth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 418.-Major G. M. Crawford, Forty-fourth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 419.-Lieutenant William S. Everett, Company E, Ninth Georgia Artillery Battalion.

Numbers 420.-Colonel Cyrus A. Sugg, Fiftieth Tennessee Infantry, commanding Gregg's brigade.

Numbers 421.-Lieutenant Fletcher Beaumont, Adjutant Fiftieth Tennessee Infantry.

Numbers 422.-Lieutenant R. L. Wood, Bledsoe's (Missouri) battery.