War of the Rebellion: Serial 051 Page 0004 Chapter XIII. KY.,SW.VA.,TENN.,MISS.,N.ALA., AND N.GA.

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September 1-10, 1863.-Expeditions from Paducah, Ky., and Union City, Tenn., to Conyersville, Tenn., and skirmish September 5.

7, 1863.-Skirmish at Holle Springs, Miss.

Skirmish near Jacinto (or Glendale), Miss.

11, 1863.-Skirmish at Baldwin's Ferry, Big Black River, Miss.

11-16, 1863.-Expedition from Corinth, Miss., to Henderson, Tenn., with skirmishes at Clark's Creek Chirch (13th) and near Henderson (14th).

Expedition from La Grange to Toone's Station, Tenn., with skirmish (16th) at Mountezuma.

13, 1863.-Major General U. S. Grant, commanding Army of the Tennessee, ordered to send all his available forces to Corinth and Tuscumbia to support Major-General Rosecrans on the Tennessee River.

Skirmish at Paris, Tenn.

18, 1863.-Affair near Fort Donelson, Tenn.

19, 1863.-Skirmish at Como, Tenn.

19-25, 1863- Expedition from Fort Pillow to Jackson, Tenn.

20-30, 1863-Expedition from Paducah, Ky.,to McLemoresville, Tenn.

22-30, 1863.-The First, Second, and Fourth Division of the Fifteenth Army Corps start en route from Vicksburg, Miss., to Chattanooga, Tenn

23, 1863.-Skirmishes at Summertown and Lookout Mountain, Tenn.

23-26, 1863.-Skirmishes in front of Chattanooga, Tenn.

24-October 3, 1863.-The Eleventh and Twelfth Army Corps transferred from the Army of the Potomac to the Army of The Cumberland.*

26, 1863.-Skirmish near Winchester, Tenn.

Skirmish at Hunt's Mill, near Larkinsville, Ala.

27, 1863.-Skirmish at Locke's Mill, near Moscow, Tenn.

27-October 1, 1863.-Expedition from Messinger's Ford, Big Black River, to Yazoo City, Miss., with skirmishes at Brownsville (September 28) and Moore's Ford, near Benton (September 29).

Expedition from Corinth, Miss., into West Tennessee, with skirmish at Swallow Bluffs, Tenn. (September 30).

28, 1863.-Skirmish at Buell's Ford, Tenn.

29, 1863.-Skirmish at Friendship Church, Tenn.

30-October 17, 1863.- Wheeler and Roddey's raid on Rosecrans' communications.

2, 1863.-Skirmish near Chattanooga, Tenn.

3, 1863.-Skirmish at Forked Deer Creek, Miss.

Skirmish at Bear Creek, Tenn.

4-17, 1863.-Chalmers' raid in West Tennessee and North Mississippi.

5, 1863.-The Second Division, Seventeenth Army Corps, starts en route from Memphis to Chattanooga, Tenn.

8, 1863.-Skirmish near Chattanooga, Tenn.

9, 1863.-Skirmish at Elk River, Tenn.

10, 1863.-Major General Gordon Granger, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Fourth Army Corps, formed by the consolidation of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Army Corps.

Skirmish at Ingraham's Plantation, near Port Gibson, Miss.

10-11, 1863.-Expedition from Memphis, Tenn., to Hernando, Miss., with skirmish (11th) near Hernando.


*For orders, correspondence, and reports relating to this movement, see Series I, Vol. XXXIX, Part I, p. 146.