War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0975 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Question. Where did you go, and what did you do in the meantime?

Answer. I went to the left of the rear about a quarter of a mile, picked up some mounted men, and tried to rally the men. When I saw that I could not rally them I started to return to the general,a nd on my way back I met an orderly, who told me that the enemy, were at the general's. I then men of General Rosecrans' officers, and went with them to Rossville.

Question. When did General Crittenden go to Chattanooga, and what did he do when he got there?

Answer. I do not know at what time he left the field; he reached Chattanooga about 4 p.m., and went immediately to General Rosecrans' headquarters.

Question. Did you reach Chattanooga before General Crittenden did?

Answer. No; I joined him near Rossville, and rode in with him.

Question. When did you see General Crittenden again, and where did he go, and what did he do?

Answer. I saw him again that evening, but I have forgotten at what time. About midnight he went out on the road near Rossville to reported to General Thomas.

Question. How soon after General Crittenden arrived at General Rosecrans' headquarters in Chattanooga did you see him, General Crittenden?

Answer. I rode to General Rosecrans' headquarters, where I left him. I do not know how soon after that he left. I left word with an orderly to be told when the general did leave. I do not know whether he rode out after that or not.

Question. Do you mean to say that you did not see him until you went to with him to Rossville near midnight?

Answer. No; the exact time I do not remember.

Question. Was it before or after dark?

Answer. I do not remember the time.

Question. Where was he at the time?

Answer. I think at General Rosecrans' headquarters.

Question. Were you at General Rosecrans's headquarters after dark?

Answer. Yes; but at what time I do not remember.

Question. Did General Crittenden send you or any staff officer out to see what had become of his command before he went out to Rossville?

Answer. Captain Knox was sent out toward Rossville, but for what purpose I do not know.


Question. What troops of General Crittenden's were broken on 20th?

Answer. Van Cleve's two brigades. I am not positive about the rest.

Question. Were these all driven from the field?

Answer. I do not know, as I did not see them after that.

Question. Do you know how they were broken?

Answer. By the troops in front running over them as they fell back.

Question. Were they in motion at the time, and where were they going?