War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0935 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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Question. Do you know why he did not go to General Thomas?

Answer. I think it was the action of the guide of General Morton and General Morton himself, who, during the conversation, got down from his horse and examined the maps. The conversation I did not hear. We had met stragglers from a division occupying a position on our left, in the line of battle, which made it seem doubtful if we could get through to General Thomas.

Question. What did General McCook do when he got to Chattanooga?

Answer. He went to General Rosecrans' headquarters and remained there till sent out by General Rosecrans, at midnight, to Rossville.

Question. Was this the first General McCook had seen of General Rosecrans that day?

Answer. No;General Rosecrans visited the right of our line in the morning. I do not know the time, but it was before the attack was made on our right.

Question. Do you know when and where any portion of General McCook;s troops were rallied, or got together, and by whom?

Answer. General Sheridan rallied part of his command in the rear of the line, as did also General Davis; but I do not know where.

Question. When did General McCook learn as to where these troops were rallied?

Answer. I do not know; but when we went back in the night we found them at Rossville, which was the first I knew of the fact.

Question. What staff officers of General McCook went to the rear with him?

Answer. His three aides, Major Bates, Captains Williams and Jones, and Lieutenant-Colonel Fisher, inspector-general. I believe that was all. I am not positive.

By General McCOOK:

Question. During the battle of Chickamauga, did General McCook command any of General Crittenden's troops?

Answer. Not that I know.

Question. Did or not General McCook do all in his power to rally the portion of his command that had broken?

Answer. I think he did all that a man could do.

Question. Did or did not General McCook hunt for General Rosecrans on the field of battle for over two hours after the line was broken?

Answer. I heard General McCook make inquiries of General Rosecrans' staff officers, and ask where the general was. I do not know about the time.

Question. What position did General Morton hold in the army, and did he not report to General McCook for duty after being separated from his chief?

Answer. General Morton was chief engineer on the staff of General Rosecrans, and he joined General McCook, and went into Chattanooga with him.

Question. Did or did not General Morton take an observation on the field, and did he not report to me that the enemy were endeavoring to cut us off from Chattanooga?

Answer. I saw General Morton examining his maps, and point toward a cloud of dust, but could not hear conversation, that I remember.