War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0623 Chapter XLII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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This battery took a position in rear on a ridge, and the other batteries of the Third Division took position on the same ridge as they came up, the infantry moving forward. A little later the Third Division moved to the left, and I had the artillery move parable to it. The batteries got a good position some 400 yards in rear of the division (which latter was in low ground in same field). The fighting was quite heavy in front, but the artillery could be but little used for fear of injuring our own troops. The Eighth Indiana Battery, and Battery H, Fourth Artillery, fell back and took position on same ridge.

Some rebel sharpshooters got into a point of woods to our right and front and began firing at the artillery, and soon some of the pieces began to retire without orders. I rode back and ordered them to return, and while I was so employed a stampede took place in our front, and in a few moments the rebels were in among the guns. How they got by our troops I have no idea. A gap must have been left, through which I suppose they passed.

I considered our position the best we could get in case the troops fell back, and the batteries were ready to move forward should they advance.

We lost 15 out of 26 guns at this time: One from Seventh Indiana, 2 from Independent Pennsylvania, 5 from Third Wisconsin, 6 from Eighth Indiana, and 1 from Battery H, Fourth Artillery.

Captain Shallow and Lieutenant Cushing deserve credit for getting away with as many guns as they did; they each lost one. Captain Stevens, Independent Pennsylvania Battery, was killed here.

I did not leave the ground till the enemy was among the guns, and was agreeably surprised that any got away. I believe that every officer did his duty well here, as well as at every other point on the field where they were engaged during the battle.

The following is a list of casualties, losses, &c.:


ned offi-

cers. Enlisted men. Horses.

Command. Kil Woun Kill Woun Miss Kil Woun

led ded. ed. ded. ing. led ded.

6th Ohio Battery, --- 1 1 5 ---- --- 2

Captain Bradley

8th Indiana Battery, --- 1 1 7 9 56 ----

Captain Estep

Total --- 2 2 12 9 56 2

Battery M, 4th --- ---- 2 6 ---- 7 6

Artillery, Lieutenant


Battery H, 4th --- 1 4 14 2 19 6

Artillery, Lieutenant


Battery B, 1st Ohio, --- ---- 1 4 4 13 ----

Lieutenant Baldwin

Battery F, 1st Ohio, 1 ---- 1 8 2 2 10

Lieutenant Cockerill

Total 1 1 8 32 8 41 22

7th Indiana Battery, --- ---- ---- 8 ---- 8 6

Captain Swallow

Independent 1 1 1 13 1 37 ----

Pennsylvania Battery,

Captain Stevens

3rd Wisconsin --- ---- 2 13 11 32 ----

Battery, Lieutenant


Total 1 1 3 34 12 77 6

Grand total 2 4 13 78 29 174 30