War of the Rebellion: Serial 050 Page 0487 Chapter XIII. THE CHICKAMAUGA CAMPAIGN.

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dered to move with two brigades to the head of McLemore's Cove to observe Dougherty's Gap.

On the 17th my corps was concentrated in McLemore's Cove, Sheridan being posted at the foot of Stevens' Gap, Davis at Brood's [Brooks'], in front of Dug Gap, Johnson at Pond Spring, in front of Catlett's Gap, in Pigeon Mountain. My instructions were to concentrate my corps between Pond Spring and Gower's, on Chickamauga Creek. It was impossible for me to comply with these orders, as General Thomas' corps occupied the ground. My instructions were subsequently modified.

On the 18th General Lytle arrived with his two brigades, and on the night of the 18th my corps was closed up compactly upon the Fourteenth Corps with the exception of Post's brigade of Davis' division, which was by the direction of the general commanding ordered to hold Stevens' Gap, in Lookout Mountain, at all hazards.

Subsequently Colonel Post was ordered to report to General R. B. Mitchell, commanding the cavalry, and did not report to General Davis until his arrival at Chattanooga on the morning of the 22nd of September.

September 19, at 12.15 a. m., I was ordered to move down to Crawfish Spring with the Twentieth Corps as soon as General Thomas' troops were out of the way.

In compliance with this order Johnson's division marched at early dawn, followed by Davis' and Sheridan's divisions. I arrived at Crawfish Spring at an early hour, and reported in person to the general commanding, who ordered me to mass my troops at that place troops arrived.

At 10.15 a. m. I was ordered to take command of the right and the cavalry, including Negley's division of the Fourteenth Corps, then observing two fords of Chickamauga Creek near Crawfish Spring, one brigade of this division being then engaged with the enemy.

The same order directed me to send General Johnson's division forward to Widow Glenn's house to report to General Thomas. Immediately afterward I received instructions to send General Davis' division, also, to the Widow Glenn's house to report to General Thomas or the general commanding. These orders were at once complied with.

By this time the advance of Sheridan's division came up, and as soon as he was posted to support the right of Crittenden's corps at Gordon's Mills, General Negley's division was withdrawn from the fords of Chickamauga Creek, and by the direction of the general commanding ordered to report to General Thomas, which he did.

This left me with but one division, Sheridan's, and the cavalry (which had not been heard from) to take care of the right.

Learning from an aide-de-camp of General Wood (Lieutenant Yaryan) that General Wood's troops had been withdrawn from Gordon's Mills, and appreciating the great importance of that point, General Sheridan's division was at once ordered to take position there, and arrived just in time to prevent the enemy from crossing.

Subsequently an order reached me from the general commanding to hold the position at Gordon's Mills.

At 3 p. m. I received an order to send two brigades of Sheridan's division to the Widow Glenn's house, leaving the First Brigade,

General Lytle's, at Gordon's Mills; also directing me, should the